Halle Berry’s Nahla: Beachy Keen

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, and Nahla were seen going to a cafe to have brunch in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (January 29). The actress walked on crutches and sported a hand painted cast.

The trio also went to the beach where Nahla, 3, played on the sand, swung on a swing and shared a kiss with the French actor.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has recommended that Nahla get counseling.

Family Services is investigating claims by Alliance Kamden, the nanny who said that Gabriel Aubry pushed her while she was holding Nahla. The argument started when she asked Aubry why he had kept his daughter home instead of taking her to school.

Today Berry is going to court to ask a judge to stop Aubry from having any contact with Nahla until the investigation is complete. Meanwhile, Gabriel is requesting a restraining order against the nanny and claims she has fabricated the pushing claims against him.

He has agreed to attend anger management classes.

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  1. I think it’s so cute that Nahla painted her Mommy’s cast! 5 cool points to Olivier for bringing some normalcy to that child’s life, he looks like he is an amazing (step)Dad to her.

    • A step-father is a cool thing until he breaks up with your mother and disappears from your life. That’s why should never replace the real father.

  2. Yes, I am going to go there.

    I would be pretty mad if I was Aubry that there are now pictures all over the internet of my 3 year old daughter running around without a shirt on. They had to know the papparazzi were going to be around taking pictures when they took the girl’s shirt off. There are sick, sick people on the internet and I wouldn’t want picture of my little girl without a top on posted on the internet

    • I read the post, and then your comment, and then went back to the post to check what you said. It’s funny that I apparently didn’t even notice Nahla wasn’t wearing a shirt. Some people here overreact, I think.

      • So it is ok for a girl who hasn’t gone through puberty to not wear a shirt. I know girls who don’t hit puberty until 13 or 14. So, you are saying a 10 year old or even 12 can go topless as long as she hasn’t hit puberty and developed yet.

        I think lots of people are naive about how many weirdos and sick people there are who are on the internet.

        • You’re worried about strangers on the internet, when what you should be worried about are those closest to you. Check the stats: Your father, husband, brother or neighbor are more likely to be the weirdo-sicko that you’re so afraid of.

          • Even though strangers on the internet may not be the ones abusing this child (or others), I still would not want them to have pictures of my child topless.

    • What would you have them do?

      There are sick, sick people on the beach, too. Do you cover your children from head to toe while you’re there? Do you shade them under an umbrella? For all you know, these sick, sick people have taken photos of your child and the beach and done god-knows-what with them.

      You can’t live in a bubble.

    • Do you feel the same regarding boys running around without their shirts on? Personally I don’t see a problem with little girls doing that at all, there’s no reason not to EXCEPT for the reason you stated above: creeps on the internet, but in my opinion it’s no different if they are boys or girls shirtless.

      • Adult males walk around on the beach shirtless. That is “normal”. Adult females do not, therefor little girls should not either. And don’t say “but little girls don’t have breasts!” because there are plenty of adult women without breasts and they don’t do it either.

        • Is that REALLY the message you send to your daughters at that age? That it’s okay for their brothers to run around shirtless, but that they have something to hide? That is simply idiotic.

  3. It’s just sad for the bio dad. I feel sorry for Aubry. He seems to be so limited in the time he is allowed to spend with his daughter, pick her up from school. That seems to be about it. Halle would be so happy if he was out of the picture.

  4. hmm.. i think she is on the cusp of it being not totally OK to go w/out a shirt.. there are a lot of sickos out there and these pix are probably being added to their collections.

    • This is what I was thinking. I personally don’t have any issues with it – she’s just a little girl – but there are so many freaks out there. I just cringe when I see stuff like this on the internet because of that reason.

  5. Anonymous @10:42 – he’s not her stepfather since they aren’t married. All he is is her mother’s boyfriend.

    Anonymous @ 11:32 – if you think it’s ok to run around without a shirt because she hasn’t reached puberty then I guess you wouldn’t think it’s a big deal either if she had no pants/underwear on either, right? Do yourself a favor and DON’T have kids and if you do, I feel sorry for them.

  6. That is quite the photo op staged by Halle Berry to further discredit Gabriel. Halle is a psycho and Aubry needs to release the tapes he has of her screaming and ranting. Now it’s in the court documents that Child Services is recommending therapy for Nahla. It is disgusting what these two are doing to their child, especially Halle, who is a selfish piece of work. As for the shirtless thing, lots of little kids run around naked and it shouldn’t ever be an issue BUT this is the internet, a child of a famous woman, and there are some sickos on the net.

  7. I dont pretend to know these people but I hate the way the media portrays the whole “look, I’m the doting boyfriend” thing with Nahla. Pics always seem to look staged to me.

  8. I don’t know about you guys, but when I was little (and I’m a woman) I used to take my shirt off all the time when I was outside playing even in public places because that’s what my brothers were doing. For all we know, she could have insisted it be takin off and she’s 3 years old, WHO CARES. Yes there are creeps on the internet, but they’re going to be creepy no matter what, and you’ll never know, don’t let it ruin your life. Theres millions of little girls who do that – because they’re hot, or they see little boys doing it (which by the way there are creeps who look at little boys too, so we better stop letting little boys go without their shirts) get over it, she’s not your child, so just make sure you dress yours in five layers.

  9. I don’t care about the shirt issue, she’s only 3 gimme a break. What i see is that Halle Berry is pressing all the buttons she can to make Aubry’s life miserable. And this is not new. This has nothing to do with the nanny’s claim. She wanted full custody since day one after the breakup. I say she used the nanny to speed up the whole thing and make him dissapear. This little girl will grow up and will ask to see her father whether Halle likes it or not.

  10. so, everyone being worried about those creeps on the internet, shouldn’t you be angry with the paparazzi taking those pictures and selling them to be published everywhere? Cause that’s a pretty creepy ocupation, too.
    Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with a three-year-old girl running around on the beach with no shirt on.

  11. Please, people! I come from Scandinavia and round here children Nahla’s age happily prance around stark naked on all kinds of public places where families gather (beaches, parks, etc). A freak ogling pics of your naked child somewhere cannot actually hurt the child physically or even emotionally, as the child herself will never know somebody has been looking at her pics in such a manner (as won’t you either). By telling your toddler to cover up her shame you yourself are actually sexualizing the child and also causing harm by making her body-conscious and conscious of her “shame” much too early.

    • Exactly! In Russia (and most of Europe) they don’t even make tops for girl bathing suits until size 8. There is nothing sexual about this, and if you see something sexual it’s you with the problem. Half of my childhood pictures I’m running around shirtless, America has such a weird fascination with sexuality and shame.

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