Marcia Cross On Being The “Poster Girl” For Older Moms

In a few weeks Marcia Cross‘ adorable daughters Eden and Savannah will be celebrating their 5th birthdays – just a month before the Desperate Housewives star turns 50. So how does Marcia feel about being an older mom? She opens up about it in a new interview with UK magazine Easy Living.

When the interviewer suggests she’s the “poster girl” for older moms, Marcia is quick to object: “Are you kidding? It’s a miracle I have these two daughters,” she says. “Your forties is not the time to be thinking about getting pregnant.”

Revealing that she started fertility treatments the day after she wed businessman Tom Mahoney in 2006, Marcia says she was fortunate to conceive quite quickly. The pregnancy, though, wasn’t an easy one. Suffering pre-eclampsia, she was placed on bedrest before eventually delivering her girls via an emergency c-section.

“I didn’t have time to be scared. It all happened so quicky,” she recalls, adding, “But it worked out and I love being a mother.”

These days Marcia splits her time between her day job and chasing after two energetic preschoolers.

“I like bringing the girls on set, but if I can’t do that then the next day I feel I have to be uber-mum to make up for it. Then I’m exhausted and I feel like I’m running on fumes.” But, she notes, “What I lack in energy I have in wisdom.”

Unlike some stars, the red-headed beauty says she doesn’t dread her upcoming milestone birthday: “Turning 50 is huge… it’s monumental. But not in terms of beauty. It’s about recognising how precious time is.”


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    • She’s not saying don’t do it, she’s saying don’t wait till you’re that age if you can help it, because it’s very difficult, both in terms of getting pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

    • She is not your child. And she doesn’t dress like a boy. She dresses like a normal little kid, and there is nothing wrong with it.

  1. She started fertility treatments right away? I wonder if she knew ahead of time that she would have problems or if it was “just in case”.

    • When you’re as old as she was when she started, you don’t have time to try to see if it will happen naturally. It probably won’t. It’s normal and recommended that you have your fertility tested and start treatment if necessary right away if you know you want kids.

    • If it’s the latter, then that’s completely absurd and risky — fertility treatments wreak havoc on a woman’s body.

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