Melissa McCarthy Gets Crafty With Daughter Vivian

Melissa McCarthy and her adorable daughter Vivian, 4, made a visit to a craft store in Burbank, Calif. on Monday (January 30).

And it looks like the shopping trip was a success – the mother-daughter duo came out with several bags of supplies. Melissa will have to try and squeeze in some projects in-between awards shows – the Bridesmaids star is having a busy season.

Sunday’s SAG awards saw the actress being nominated for both outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture and also for outstanding performance by a female in a supporting role for Bridesmaids. Her role in the movie also snagged her an Oscar nod, and the day the nominations were announced Melissa barely had time to celebrate.

“I have to go to work in an hour,” she told EW shortly after hearing the news. “I have to shoot today. But that’s not a bad thing — I love my job. Then I have a show tomorrow. At some point today, I’m having champagne dammit!”

Melissa and her husband Ben Falcone are also parents to Georgette, 1.


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  1. I loved her on Gilmore Girls and think she is amazingly genuine and smart. However I hope she sets a better example with regards to excess weight and subsequent health issues to her daughter.

    I am all for acceptance but shows like mike and molly that gloriify obesity are really not doing any service to our nations epidemic.

    • Please get over yourself…

      Mike and Molly does not ‘glorify’ obesity, their are fat people in this world, with feelings…accept it. Get over it. Move on… People are not watching her and saying, “Oh she’s fat and successful, let me gain a lot of weight” Really? How dim witted can you be? America has so much hatred for fat people, hatred doesn’t cure and a healthy diet does. When did you decide it was ok to treat someone as a subhuman? How many actors do we see that smoke? A extremely unhealthy live style that people don’t seem to have a problem with…face it this fat hate is all about superficial appearance not healthy. This is why young girls have eating disorders, this is why people starve themselves.

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