Melissa Rivers On Joan Smoking Marijuana, Staging A “Skintervention”

We’ve watched Melissa Rivers, 44, the only child of comedienne Joan Rivers, 78, grow up to become a fashion expert and mom to 11-year-old son Cooper. As it turns out, she’s also becoming her mother’s keeper! The funny mom-daughter duo star in the much talked about reality TV show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? and Melissa opens up about the shenanigans we can expect this season. “Where do I start? Infidelity, tattoos, drugs, Bat Mitzvahs, vacation, work,” Melissa tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “Just a normal day for us! We’re a little bit closer to the Adams’ than the Cleavers’, ” she jokes.

“So far we’ve seen plastic surgery and my mom smoking medicinal marijuana” Melissa jokes about the first two episodes. “Nothing like opening big.”

In the season opener, Melissa says she organized a “skintervention” for her her plastic-surgery-loving mother.

My mom wanted to have another surgery,” Melissa says. “I just believe that at some point the risk outweigh the reward and I got a group of friends together to talk to her about it, which backfired completely. Not only did she go ahead with the surgery, she offered to get everybody something they wanted!”

Melissa goes on to say that “it was very frustrating,” and adds that she wants her mom to be “happy,” although she is concerned about her elderly mother undergoing any further plastic surgeries. “I do honestly believe that risk and reward are no longer in balance,” Melissa says, and adds, “This is an ongoing discussion in our house.”

Like mother like daughter? We couldn’t help but ask if she’s also got a hankering for going under the knife. “I’ve had my boobs done and my nose done,” Melissa shares.

From plastic surgery to marijuana! We were curious to hear about Joan’s experience with the bong in the second episode.

She’s decided that her stress levels were too high to handle,” Melissa says. “My ex-boyfriend’s parents were staying with us and we had a very full house. She and her friend Lynne thought this was a good idea so they went and got a prescription. I ended up being the designated driver which was not a good time!”

Is this another worry for Joan’s only child? Melissa says her mom got a mean case of the munchies and she won’t be making a habit of it.

“This is not a worry for me because she ended up eating so much, she was so upset the next day and swore she’d never do it again!,” Melissa says.

And we hear there’s a tattoo incident later this season.

Yes my mom and her friend Margie decided that they wanted to get tattoos,” Melissa says. Is this an end-of-life crisis for Joan? “I don’t know what posesses her ninety percent of the time. I’m going to hazard a guess on what kind of daily crisis threw then into that one. I don’t think it’s an end-of-life crisis, it’s daily for those two. They just get up to no good.”

It sounds like Melissa is becoming the mom these days. “Becoming the mom? I’ve been the mom for years!,” Melissa jokes.

And we heard Joan lives in her basement.

She doesn’t live in my basement, it’s my guest bedroom,” Melissa shares. “My house is on a hillside and it has a main level with a floor up and a floor down. And my guest bedroom you go down to it so the running joke is that she lives in my basement. And by the way, for all of her complaining she refuses to move out. My mom is literally still here 3-4 days a week.”

Sounds like she’s got two children! “Yes,” she says, and adds, “My 11-year-old son is better behaved most of the time.”

The proud mom went on to tell us about her sporty son. “He’s doing great!,” she gushes. “He’s big into surfing, football, lacrosse, baseball, and he’s a big skiier. We were just in Banff.”

She adds that their trusted nanny has just quit to be a full-time model. “Obviously I do have help because I’m a full-time working mom,” she says. But is sounds like she loves the busy schedule. “It doesn’t feel like a job to me. Sure there’s days I feel overwhelmed, but he’s the love of my life. That’s when I’m the happiest. But I do have help with pickups and drop-offs and I work a lot at night so there’s always somebody in the house.”

How does Cooper keep up with mom and grandma?

“Oh please, he can lap us!,” she jokes. “That boy has so much energy it’s terrifying! His schedule is so packed, it’s starting to look like mine and moms. Last weekend we had football, baseball and lacross. Plus he had a friend sleep over, homework and a birthday party.”

In this season, we also see her breakup with longtime boyfriend Jason after his infidelity.

“Yes, it happened while we were in the midst of production,” Melissa shares. “It happened very quickly and it was all over the internet. So we showed it as it played out.”

Is this a time when she wishes the cameras weren’t rolling her your house?

Of course!,” she says. “Everyone asks about where the line is. The line that I drew was that they show nothing about Cooper’s emotions, or how he felt at all. We were all living together for 2 years. So, my protective instincts were there. I’m doing great now. I’m dating again – who would’ve thought?”

So she won’t be dreading Valentine’s Day?!

“Well I always dread that big day,” she jokes. “If you’re alone you feel like a loser, and if you’re with someone there’s way too much pressure. It’s a little bit like New Years – too much pressure!”

Does she have any big plans on the romantic day? “I haven’t even thought that far ahead yet,” she says. “I’ve got so much to do before now and then. I’ve got the show, plus Fashion Police is turning to an hour and I’m the executive producer on that. Plus I have Shoparatti, which is doing really, really well.”

While she jokes about her mom, she says their relationship is strong and she’s thankful to her mom for “everything!” She adds, “And I do actually take [her] advice most of the time even though [she] thinks I don’t. Please don’t let her read this!”

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