Willow Smith Shaves Her Head

Known for her hit song Whip My Hair, it looks like Willow Smith is going to have to come up with another signature catch phrase!

The 11-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith posted the above photo on her WhoSay account Thursday sporting a shaved head at ballet class with the caption, “Dance your feelings out…”

Earlier this month we thought the pint-size singer might be taming her over-the-top looks when she appeared in a lovely yellow gown at the BET Awards. However, her latest ‘do has us thinking her exuberant fashion statements will continue.

What do you think of Willow’s shaved head?

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  1. There is really something disturbing about this child…..the way she dresses, the way she acts. Now a shaved head at 11?

    • When have you EVER seen how this child acts for more than 3 minutes? You have no IDEA how she acts. You see a few photos and think you’ve got her personality down pat.

      Get over yourself.

    • there is nothing wrong with the way she dresses and acts.
      and it’s just shaving her head she didn’t get pregnant like teens these days

  2. Will and Jada are annoying with their attitude and stupid comments, but their kids is on a whole new level of annoying, especially their stupid constipated faces when they pose for pictures and oh so edgy look at me attitude just 2 little skinny dorky brats lol

  3. She looks like Jaden, especially with that facial expression. It’s a good start to growing hair back out bc it would have been more difficult with the different lenghts and trims. LMAO at Kate above for “constipated faces” that was funny but they are just kids.

  4. Loves It!!..Sooo refreshing to see these kidds attitude is soo non traditional..I know quite a few Adults who are soooo caught up trying to fit in the norm by wearing weaves (white and black) Eyelashes, fake nails, etc.
    If she had been a cancer survivor of some sort (Lupus, Lukemia, etc.) not a word, Go Willow!! LOL!

  5. Ugh, the ugly cycle of needing non-stop attention has begun. Britney waited about 8 years into her fame to do this, having exhausted every other option. Now the process is getting faster and faster because of the non-stop news hitting the internet. Pathetic. Gross. Go to school Willow, have friends, join a school team, enjoy what’s left of your childhood.

  6. I believe in letting children express themselves but this family does everything for publicity with these children and I believe they exploit them. Don’t know they know how all child stars end up? Disgusting.

  7. Being a celebrity I guess you can do what you want! I hope this was to make a little child with cancer feel better about themselves!

  8. Being a celebrity I guess you can do what you want! I hope this was to make a little child with cancer feel better about themselves!

  9. Anon @ 12:13 pm….Would it be such an issue if she were a boy that shaved his head…I mean really. It’s just hair and if her parents approve I don’t think it’s the worse thing she could possibly be doing to herself.

      • Kids get lice. I personally think she did it for attention, but it’s very easy to get lice. Why are you acting like she said something offensive?

  10. Well if she didn’t look like Will before she certainly does now! I dont think she had much of a choice since half her head was already shaved. It will grow back or she’ll get a weave no biggie!

    on a side note why do tweens and teens always make that face?! All my young cousins are always posing in pics like this. It’s so annoying! lol

  11. I wish I could shave my head and get away with it. I’m not a big fan of the Smiths, but I have no problem with this little girl doing what she wants with her hair.

  12. Kids like to experiment, and really, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back. The bigger question here is why is it so important to the rest of the world? If she’s doing it for attention, she’s getting what she wants, now isn’t she? If not, is she just exploring personal styles, or is it a cry for help? That’s her parent’s purview, and nobody on this board can do anything about it anyway.

  13. Howdisrespectful can people be? She is a boy, thats all. A social boy. She wants only to be honest. Thats her life, not yours. Grow up. He is agirl. She is Willow, comes from Will, he-Jaden, comes from Jada. If she is happy, thats all what maters. Shut up and look at your own life. Im sure that not everything in it is perfect, am i wright?

  14. This appears to be a child pushed into the limelight too soon by her mother. She seems arrogant and just seeking attention certainly not good for one so young.

    • Calling a little girl a freak? Wow, you’re a tough guy, huh? Making fun of children from the basement of your mommy’s house?

  15. its not the cutest hair style for her but whatever shes young and having fun..when i washer age i did my hair all crazy..only got crazier when i was a teenager and thank god i had a mother who didnt freak out and who let me be my own person…i have a 2 year old daughter and i want her to feel the same way…if she wants to cut her hair off go for it..its only hair and it grows back!

  16. I bet it’s always been this way……most black people have fake hair. She’s probably always had a wig. It’s nothing to freak out about.

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