Chris Noth & Orion: Smiles On The ‘Lovelace’ Set

Chris Noth’s 4-year-old son Orion and fiancée Tara Lynn Wilson visited him on the set of Lovelace in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (February 1).

The 57-year-old actor carried his little guy on his shoulders while he introduced him to others working on the film. Fellow Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker is also in the biopic about Linda Lovelace.

This past week Parker said, “When I heard he’s taken on the role of p–n producer, I thought, ‘This is perfect. Every now and then a man and a role just find one another.”

She added that she didn’t want him to watch her shoot her scenes.

I said ‘Absolutely not. You must forbid him from coming. I knew it would be a terrible distraction and he was going to make fun of me, laugh at me. But I do love him.”


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  1. Maybe we could stop calling her his fiancee. The kid is 4 and they’ve been “engaged” since before he was born. They’re not getting married. It takes five minutes at city hall; they obviously haven’t run down and done it and show no inclination to. Fiancee is not just another term for long term girlfriend.

    • You see, **YOU** don’t get to decide what they call each other. If they are engaged to be married, it’s his fiance. Period.

      • No, but I get to decide whether I think it’s stupid or not, and I think it’s pretty stupid. It’s my opinion that they aren’t really engaged or they’d have done something in FOUR plus years.

        So under your theory, there should be no opinions on sites like this and no comment sections? The entire point is expressing your opinion. However, it was an excellent use of asterisks for no apparent reason.

        • Sure you can have an opinion. You think it’s stupid to call her his fiance, I think you’re stupid for caring what they call each other. See how that works?

          (And sweetheart, saying “Maybe we could stop calling her his fiancee” is not an opinion, it’s a directive.)

          • I do see how it works; I always did. Nice to see that you’ve come around to my way of thinking, sweetheart.

          • As for the directive comment, in what world do live that use of “maybe” makes something a directive? You must be a joy at work, sweetheart.

    • And who knows? They might have been married for a few years and decided not to tell anyone. Anyway, lovely picture of Chris and Orion, can’t believe the boy is already 4!

  2. Let’s be honest – in situations like this, “fiance” is code for “I got knocked up and to look more legit and like it wasn’t an accident, we’re engaged”.

    • This. If they actually had any intention of ever getting married, they’d have done so already. It doesn’t take that long to plan a wedding.

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