Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Kick Back With The Kids

Taking advantage of a sunny Sunday, Jennifer Lopez spent the afternoon seaside yesterday, hitting the beach in Malibu, California with her almost 4-year-old twins Max and Emme and her new beau Casper Smart (February 5).

The American Idol judge soaked up some sunshine while Casper chased the kids down the sand. Jennifer later got in on the fun, too, coaxing her son down to the water to splash through the surf.

J.Lo and Casper, 24, started dating late last year, not too long after her summer split from her husband of 7 years Marc Anthony. A source recently revealed to US that the kids get along great with the 24-year-old dancer, adding, “Jennifer wouldn’t introduce him to them unless she know she could trust him.”


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  1. Those poor kids. Please keep your new boyfriends away from your little children – they don’t understand and don’t need to meet them weeks in.

    • How do you know? Perhaps he didn’t feel the need to make playing with his kids a photo-op? Because I’m sure that the paps just happened to be there to shoot this happy little scene.

  2. She is a poor excuse for a role model. (Not that she claims to be, but she is whether she likes it or not.) BE ALONE for a little while. Have you EVER been alone? From p-diddy, to Chris Judd, then to Ben Affleck and then boom…marries Marc Anthony on the tails of being dumped by Ben.
    It’s sad that a woman with all of her success has to have a man to complete her. Truly disappointing.

  3. Those poor kids need a stable home, a mother that doesn’t leave the country ever other day, and who doesn’t have young boys walking around half naked by her young daughter. Why aren’t they in school every day yet? It is time for her to live in one house, pick a city and realize your life has changed now that your a mother like the rest of us. Dump that disgusting boy before causing real damage to those innocent kids and stop partying like a college girl.

    • Why would they be in school every day when they are only 4 years old?
      And as much as I feel that she tends to rush into relationships and doesn’t like being alone, I don’t think she is having “young boys walking around half naked by her young daughter”…they are at the beach!

  4. Get that money Beau! She needs therapy really really bad. HE plays with the girl not the boy! she will be 24 and he will be 44, what will you think about that JENNIFER. Some say he’s gay and gay guys go with desperate, old, or fat women. Look how her daughter is staring at that boy, i see trouble ahead. Woody Allen anyone? Where is her family to tell her the truth? money is not everything.

  5. First of all he is her back up dancer and has been since last March so he probably already knew the kids. The kids shouldn’t be in school all the time yet because they are not even 4 they will be in a couple of weeks. Marc and his gf are probably doing the samet thing only they are not getting photographed with the kids. I think that some of you are exaggerating this a little bit. She doesn’t leave the country every other day. A lot of times the kids are with her on set and her family helps take care of the kids.

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