Molly Sims Talks Stretch Mark Prevention

It’s all in what you eat, folks, especially when it comes to preventing those dreaded stretch marks during pregnancy – at least that’s what Molly Sims has recently posted about on her personal blog.

The 38-year-old Las Vegas star – who recently announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Scott Stuber – claims that they key to stretch mark prevention comes down to nutrition.

“Stretch marks. As you moms out there already know, they’re very common during pregnancy and they’re not fun,” she writes. “While there are tons of uncontrollable factors that determine whether or not you’ll develop stretch marks (things like genetic predispositions, skin color and skin elasticity) there are a few things you can do to help prevent them too.”

“If you really want to avoid stretch marks, you should be taking preventative measures long before you’re even pregnant!” she adds.

Molly – who is working closely with Lori Bregman and her Rooted for Life program for mommies-to-be – claims that Lori had her begin a “diet full of good fatty acids as soon as [she] started trying to have a baby,” claiming that incorporating a healthful diet into your lifestyle, even before pregnancy, will help lessen the chance of stretchmarks.

So what should women be eating?

Fish oils, nut butters, avocados, flax seeds, and winter squash to name only a few. To see Molly’s complete list, continue reading her blog at


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  1. why doesn’t this d list star shut up genetics play a bigger part in streach marks than nutrition does and so do certain pregnancy complications. not all marks you think are streach marks actually are some might be injection marks from insulin shots if mom has gestational diabetes or had diabetes before pregnancy

    • Courtney, are you a scientist? Have you studied the prevention of stretch marks? No? I didn’t think so. Which means that both you and Molly Sims are stating your OPINION. And opinions are like a$$holes, everyone’s got one.

      • Wow, aren’t YOU the clever one. Courtney, may not be a scientist, Sherlock, but you’re no genius either my friend.

        PS – I think Molly Sims can look after herself.

      • Wow, aren’t YOU the clever one. Courtney, may not be a scientist, Sherlock, but you’re no genius either my friend.

        PS – I think Molly Sims can look after herself.

    • Courtney, I’m just curious – how do you randomly decide which hollywood stars to vilify and which to idolize? You defend every dumba$s thing Mariah Carey says yet go to town on Molly Sims for talking about how she’s dealing with stretch marks. Do you have some kind of love/hate dartboard?

      • “Stars”??? You are using the term loosely, I hope — because Molly Sims is hardly a “star”. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. That is not entirely true. It is caused by rapid stretching of the skin because of rapid growth beyond its level of elasticity and then it tears up. I am a health freak, I used stretchmarks prevention creams, nobody in my family had ever stretchmarks, I was always slim and gained only five kilos during my pregnancy. I originally weighed 58 kilos yet i ended up with stretchmarks. All I remember is that I had a small stomach but on the last two weeks of my pregnancy my stomach suddenly expanded and that is when I got them.

  3. I just love it when women who are pregnant for the first time act like they know-it-all when it comes to these things.

  4. Why is everyone so angry? She posted these things on her personal blog, which no one is being forced to read. No one is making you read this site either.

  5. So glad molly is such an expert but the bottom line is that it all boils down to genetics. I have eaten crap my entire life and didn’t get one stretch mark. I have super healthy friends who ended up looking like trains ran over their bellys.

  6. Love the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark Treatment! I used it for the last few months of my pregnancy! My biggest complaint is that the jar doesn’t last a long time. I apply to my growing tummy twice a day and each jar lasts about 3 weeks. I didn’t start using this product until I was 31 weeks pregnant, so I had already several stretch marks, but since then (I’m 39 weeks pregnant now) the stretch marks have already started to fade and lighten up.

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