Ben Affleck & His Gorgeous Girls Grab Flowers

What an adorable trio!

The Town
star Ben Affleck was spotted escorting his two lovely ladies Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, around the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (February 5).

The hunky actor – whose third child is slotted to make his or her debut sometime soon – checked out some delicious produce before opting for a bouquet of pretty flowers, most likely for very pregnant mama Jennifer Garner!

Jennifer recently opened up to Britain’s The Sun about marrying at a fairly early age and on the qualities she loves about Ben.

“I did marry in my 20s [to Scott Foley, who she divorced eight years ago] and I found divorce a crushing experience,” she admits. “I thought the divorce statistics would never apply to me. I was beyond heartbroken when they did.”

“Ben is not only my husband, he has helped me in every way,” she adds about her handsome hubby. “He is the base of my life. He is an incredibly loving and generous man. I expected he would be a great dad and he is.”

Just for fun… Do you think Jen will have a boy or a girl?

What do you think?

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    • This picture was actually taken on Sunday and Jen and Sera were spotted going for breakfast yesterday (Monday) before or after she picked her up from preschool. Unless she had the baby today, she was still very pregnant. The wait is killing me, imagine what it is doing to her. LOL

      • If the wait is killing you, it means you are way too invested in the lives of total strangers. You really need to learn a little perspective. You do not know these people personally.

  1. She always needs to brag about him in every interview…just bugs me for some reason, like, what is she trying to prove?

    • I don’t think she is bragging about him nor trying to prove anything to anyone. I think she is someone who is happily married to a man that she is very much in love with. Even if she is bragging…so what? She has a great man who is a great dad, I’d speak proudly as well.

      I think its a girl.

    • That she loves her husband? Have you ever read an interview with a celeb where the answer to a question about their spouse was “eh, he’s alright.”

  2. @Anon 7:22 PM: I agree with you! These recent photos of the loving couple and blissfully happy family — on top of her candid interviews about their relationship which she used to be much more private about in part because HE really does not like to talk about his family in interviews all suggest to me that they’re planning ahead for Ben’s future run for political office. When did she ever talk about their marriage, her divorce from Scott Foley, etc. publicly? All of these celebrities have publicists who coach/advise them. Her recent openness about her personal life is no accident or newfound comfort level with the press. They’re presenting the “perfect, happy family”.

  3. i don’t know, hasn’t she always been more open than him? i feel like she’s talked fairly openly about her family at least since having seraphina. maybe she felt more comfortable with it by then because they’d been together for a while and before ben was super touchy about the whole thing because of what happened with j-lo. he must have relaxed by now. i don’t see why he’s that touchy about it, everyone likes him and jen together. he probably just wants to be careful that the j-lo thing has no chance of happening again, but i think they’re safe at this point

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