Gabriel Aubry & Nahla’s Purple Pal

Gabriel Aubry was photographed picking up his 3-year-old daughter Nahla from preschool on Wednesday (February 8) in Los Angeles, Calif. Nahla held tight to an oversized, purple stuffed animal as her protective papa carried her to the car.

Last week, A Los Angeles judge ruled in Gabriel’s favor in the ongoing custody battle between him and ex Halle Berry. Sources say social workers recommended that no changes be made in the current custody agreement between the co-parents, and the judge is likely to refuse granting Halle’s request for a restraining order and/or monitored visitation.

No word on whether Gabriel will attend anger management classes that he had committed to for the sake of his young daughter. The Canadian male model, 36, agreed to take the courses after meeting with his ex and several representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services last month.

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  1. I am seeing more pictures of Gabriel with Nahla in the last three months than before all this mess happened.

    Everywhere I see people “mauling” Halle claiming she is an awful mother and person while Gabriel is treated like the most Perfect thing ever. The people who judge Gabriel base their opinions on pictures so why can’t people think that pictures of Gabriel looking great with Nahla are not manipulated to make people feel pity on him?

    I agree that Halle does seems to be not the best mother material but we are basing our ideas on pictures only. There’s no actual evidence.

    • “I agree that Halle does seems to be not the best mother material”

      Aren’t you just as guilty then? You’re judging her ability as a mother based on pictures, too.

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