Elizabeth Banks Talks Fake Baby Bumps & Personal Parenting Tips

Actress Elizabeth Banks is one busy lady. Not only is she mother to her gorgeous little guy Felix but The Uninvited actress – who celebrates her 38th birthday today – has also been busy sharing the big screen with A-list actresses such as Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz in the upcoming comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Elizabeth recently opened up about wearing a fake baby bump, her less-glamorous moments of motherhood and what she considers to be her most important parenting tips.

The Definitely, Maybe star – who plays character Wendy Cooper, a pregnant woman who owns a store called The Breast Choice in Atlanta, Georgia – claims wearing a fake baby bump during filming was indeed a “sweaty” experience.

“It weighs a good 10 lbs,” the star laughs. “The boobs weigh about 6 lbs. They are really unbelievable. It’s fun. It definitely makes you sit and walk in a totally different way. As an actor, it’s a great prop.”

The actress continues to discuss how she finds the less-glamorous moments of motherhood to be “much more fulfilling and fun to discuss with your girlfriends.”

“I mean, my kid is clearly a genius,” she jokes. “And clearly advanced. And clearly large for his age, and all of those things, because I have to say that, as of now. I mean, maybe he’s a dummy. I hope not.”

“I don’t really take too much pride in my accomplishments as a mom because I’m sure my failures are right around the corner,” she adds. “I haven’t left my kid at the McDonald’s parking lot or anything — that happened to me as a child, I was left, by my mom — but I’m sure it’s coming for me.”

As far as parenting tips, Elizabeth follows one simple rule.

“I believe in common sense, above all. I’m worried for parents that we put so much pressure on perfection and getting it right and I feel like a little bit of sloppiness is OK, and it teaches self-reliance and all those things.”

“I approach it with an easygoing attitude,” she adds. “I’m one of those people who’s like, if I leave my baby in the care of someone else, and I come home and the baby is still alive, they did a great job. Including my husband.”

Continue reading Elizabeth’s interview here.

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