Giuliana Rancic: “We Have Not Given Up Our Desire To Have Children”

In October 2011, E! News host Giuliana Rancic, 37, shocked the nation with her breast cancer diagnosis; a discovery her doctors made in August as she was prepping for her third attempt at IVF. After undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in December, the entertainment journalist says that she and husband Bill Rancic “are now closer than ever.”

The Fashion Police star has partnered with Glade to launch the Glade Expressions Collection, which features true-to-life scents in contemporary designs. Giuliana opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her struggles with cancer and IVF and how her marriage is now “better than ever,” her best advice for women going through a double mastectomy, and her ongoing “desire to have children.”

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Glade and their new Glade® Expressions™ Collection. What do you love about this collection?

GR: “I love the new Glade® Expressions™ Collection because the yummy scents and pretty designs give me inspiration to explore new décor ideas in my own house and offer those ideas to my friends and fans. I love helping women create an ambiance in their homes that is both welcoming and a reflection of their personal style which is why this was the perfect opportunity for me to continue my long-standing partnership with Glade®.

CBS: Do you have a favorite in the collection? Does Bill like them too?

GR: “They all smell so good, but I love Pineapple & Mangosteen – I have the oil diffuser in my office at E! and it literally stops people in their tracks! They want to know where the smell is coming from because it takes you to the tropics with its sweet, fruity fragrance. Bill and I both love warm scents at home, so we put out the Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice Oil Diffuser in our living room. It makes the room feel so cozy and inviting.”

CBS: You have so much going on! How do you maintain a healthy balance between your partnership with Glade, keep up with the Awards show coverage, Fashion Police and everything else?

GR: “I love to be busy and I find a lot of pride in my work. My partnership with Glade® Expressions™ was a natural fit for me because we have worked together for a while and I love their products. The collection makes my home and office smell great and really gives me a sense of familiarity no matter where I am.

Also, I do love to work out because it gives me that alone time every day to clear my head and de-stress. Healthy eating and exercise are really important in my life and really keep me feeling energized and healthy. In fact, I don’t even need to drink caffeine anymore!”

CBS: What’s your best advice for women struggling with their double mastectomy? How has Bill been through all of your health struggles?

GR: “My best advice is to stay strong and get a support system. My family, and especially Bill, has been amazing throughout this process. Bill thinks I’m beautiful which gives me confidence, and our relationship is better than ever. Bill has been my rock and we are now closer than ever.”

CBS: Tell us about your continued hope to have children one day. Any plans for IVF again soon?

GR: “We have not given up our desire to have children. For now we are really just looking forward to the rest of 2012!”

CBS: Who are you most looking forward to seeing on the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards? Who typically takes your breath away?

GR: “I love seeing all of the gorgeous celebs at the awards shows, but I’m always excited to see George Clooney because he always looks amazing and he’s fun to interview. Plus he’s nominated! Also, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez always seem to take my breath away. They’re both so beautiful and have great sense of style.”

Want to hear more from Giuliana? She will be sharing her tips and insights on the Glade® Facebook Page.


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  1. I love her to pieces, but Glade products are just so cheap smelling to me and give me headaches. Oh, well…I’m sure we’d all endorse it if we were paid a pretty penny. 😉

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