Marla Sokoloff Welcomes First Child: Elliotte Anne

Congratulations are in order for Marla Sokoloff, 31, and husband Alec Puro!

The Chateau Meroux actress delivered a daughter, Elliotte Anne Puro, at 8:05 p.m. Wednesday (February 8) in California, PEOPLE reports. Baby Elliotte weighed in at 7 lbs. and is the first child for the couple.

“Mom, dad and baby are happy as can be and completely in love with each other,” Marla says.

Last month, the actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her low-key birth plan.

My birth plan is simply getting her out safely!” Marla said. “I’m not one of those pregnant women who have a 40-page birth plan ready to go. One of my best friends had it all planned out then wound up having an emergency C-section, so you really never know. I’m really trying to go with the flow the best I can in every capacity of pregnancy. Not to say I’m being flippant about the process – I’ve definitely thought about it and educated myself on labor and delivery. I trust my doctor 100% so that is also giving me the confidence to take this on without added anxiety.”

She added: “I plan on delivering in the hospital and would LOVE to tell you that it will be a drug free experience, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for me.”


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  1. Wow, very different yet classic sounding. Is is just pronounced simply Elliott? I’ve never heard that name before so I’m not too sure! Lol

    • Hundreds of ‘boys’ names used to be girls names and vice versa. i’m sure some of them are names you like, and you don’t even realize how they originated.
      O-P-E-N your mind. it must be horrible to live in that mindset.

    • This is my four-year-old daughter’s name. Same spelling, same middle initial. It is a beautiful LITTLE GIRL’S NAME. Feminine, willowy and sweet, just like her. I think being narrow-minded and old-fashioned is more ridiculous than having a kid whose teacher needs to use last name initials just to identify them in class.

  2. love the name ELLIOT for a BOY! dislike the name ELLIOTTE for anyone. sort of looks like toillette. but i guess its not the worst name we’ve heard coming from a celebrity.

    • Actually, Elliotte Freedman is a well-known MALE sportscaster. And also, my daughter, Elliotte, would disagree with you. She likes her name, and she knows that there are people like you. When we encounter old-fashioned or narrow-minded people, we tend to just call her Ellie. But her name is Elliotte, and we’re all proud of her name.

      Avery, Shannon, Ashley, Blake, Quinn, Rory. GET WITH THE TIMES, buddy.

      • Just because your daughter is too young to realize she has a boy name doesnt mean she won’t after a lifetime of oh your a girl?!

        • Do you say the same thing to every Jordan, Taylor, Avery, Blake, Ashley and Shannon? Times change. My girl is perfectly aware that her name is also shared with boys. She doesn’t care, and neither does anyone who matters (quite unlike you). You can have your Graces, Emilys, Avas, Sophias and Isabellas. Until then, consider being a nicer person. It’s good for the soul.

  3. amazed at how many people seem to like this name. I don’t care that traditionally it has been a boys name. I just think it sounds dowdy and clunky. But to each their own. congrats on the healthy baby 🙂

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