Nahla Aubry’s Preschool Pal

Looks like someone has a new favorite furry friend!

Three-year-old Nahla lugged her giant stuffed animal along as she and her dad Gabriel Aubry arrived at her school in Beverly Hills, California today (February 10). We spotted her cuddling the same purple pal earlier this week.

The pretty preschooler looked absolutely adorable in her leather jacket and leggings. Such a cutie!

Gabriel was also the picture of style, ditching his usual laid back look in favor of a sleek black suit. The model dad was headed to a family court date, part of his ongoing custody dispute with Nahla’s mom Halle Berry.


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  1. this two are really stunning!!!
    gab is so hot, and nahla will be a really gorgeous woman!
    she looks a lot like her dad, and this is great for her!
    gab seems a lovely father, I find it hard to believe is a battering with his daughter (or anyone else!).


  2. I feel so sorry for this child with what her parents are doing to her and to each other, and all in front of the media for everyone to see. It is a very sad thing when two parents bitter fighting forces a court to order a child into therapy. She’s a beautiful little girl and I hope they get it together before they seriously damage her psyche.

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