Sarah Michelle Gellar & Charlotte’s Day At The Mall

It was a day of shopping for the Prinze girls! Sarah Michelle Gellar, 34, and daughter, Charlotte, were spotted at the Century City Mall in West Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (February 12). Miss Charlotte looked adorable in her fur-like coat and brown boots.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer lead actress is back on the tube this season playing a double role on the CW show, The Ringer. She plays beautiful twin sisters, Bridget and Siobhan, and also serves as co-executive producer. Even with the added responsibility, the Cruel Intention starlet shares, “I work shorter hours on this show — everybody does — than I did on ‘Buffy.’”

That’s good news for her husband of nine years, Freddie Prinze Jr. The pair have created a work/life balance to ensure their 2-year old angel is their top priority.

“When Charlotte was born, Freddie was on ‘24‘ and I didn’t work for two years.” Adding, “I had asked him, ‘When I’m ready to go back to work, will you stay home with her then?’ He was like, ‘Fine!'” She giggles. “He loves it. I think I’ve created a monster!”


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  1. Adorable! Love how she doesn’t parade her child in front of the paps day in and day out. Charlotte looks so cute with her fur vest.:)

  2. Chartotte is really grown, since we last saw her in december…
    Pic 3 ist looks like there could be another baby for Sarah and Freddie!? But it could also be coincidence.

  3. there is no fold in the third picture. looks like a possible baby to me too. plus sarah is looking less skinny than usual… which i think looks nice on her.

  4. I thought this was Adam Sandler’s daugher Sofie they look so much alike and have any of you ever seen a photo of Charlotte with her father? Are the parents separated?

    • 1. Neither of Adam Sandler’s daughters are named Sofie. 2. She does not look like either of them in any case. 3. You think just because two people aren’t photographed together by the paps that they’re separated, even though you don’t seem pictures of them that often in the first place? Really?

  5. I’m a fan of Ringer and the last few episodes I’ve thought she’s been looking pregnant (and not the character that is supposed to be pregnant). I also think baby #2 is on the way!

  6. Certainly looks like a bigger version of the bump I noticed in the last picture this site uploaded of Sarah.
    I guess now we just wait for her to announce it(if she really is).

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