Denise Richards On Balancing Career & Kids

As a single mom to three young girls, Denise Richards knows well the challenge of juggling the demands of family and work. The reality star mama says the key is to give yourself a bit of a break and not expect to always be able to “do it all.”

“You have to take the pressure off yourself. If you try to make everything perfectly balanced, that can create guilt. When I’m working, things give at home and when I’m at home, things give at work,” Denise tells Women’s Wear Daily.

It also helps to make the most of the down time she does have. Denise says she loves to sneak off to sunny hot spots with her girls Sam, 7, Lola, 6, and Eloise, 8 months.

“I love Hawaii. I love the Caribbean. I love the Bahamas. I love Anguilla. I love the sun and warm weather – anywhere that has a tropical feel,” she reveals.

Denise and her gorgeous girls enjoyed a weekend away in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen just last month.

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  1. Ok, I really like her, but seriously, balancing work and family? She has no career; other than a short-lived reality show, she hasn’t worked to any real degree in years. She’s not really balancing anything. I’ll give it to her, though, raising those girls with Sheen as the dad is pretty much a fulltime job all by itself.

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