Olympian Kerri Walsh On Feeling “Stronger Than Ever,” Wanting A Big Family

Volleyball superstar Kerri Walsh, 33, is feeling “stronger than ever” for the London games! The two-time Olympic gold medalist and her partner Misty May-Treanor are in the midst of training for their fourth Olympic appearance this summer. Kerri is also busy playing the role of mom for her two young sons Joey, 2, and Sundance, 1.

The Olympian invites fans to follow her journey to London with the 2012 Kellogg’s Olympic Campaign on Facebook. Kerri opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about “kicking butt” in London, her hopes to have “three or four” children and her ongoing Olympic dreams: “I think it would be amazing to win a gold medal in Brazil.”

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Kellogg’s and the Olympic Campaign. We hear you are sharing your journey to the Olympics on Facebook. Tell us more.

KW: “This is a new partnership for me and it is something that I am really excited about. Kellogg’s is such an innovative, American, beautiful, and wonderful company that is also global. Kellogg’s wants to be the best at what they do, and I want to be the best at what I do, so I really love that we are partnered up. Kellogg’s has been a part of my life since I was a little girl, and now that I am a mom, my kids are enjoying Kellogg’s products. It is really fun to come full circle. It is also great to strive for these huge goals with such a powerhouse behind us. It is inspiring and motivating, and it makes a huge difference.

I am a big believer in feeding your body and eating healthy, and Kellogg’s knows that it is really important how you start your day. I absolutely and full-heartedly believe that breakfast is such a huge part of your day. If you want to unleash your true potential and achieve all your big goals and dreams, you need to have a great start. I am living this every day of my life. If my kids don’t have a good breakfast, their day is not a great day. Kellogg’s works for my kids and works for me, and I am really proud to be a part of their team.

In regard to sharing my journey on Facebook, I feel like an open book! Anyone can go to Facebook and follow my journey and those of other Team Kellogg’s athletes. We are such normal people, but we are all chasing this beautiful dream: gold in London this summer. To be able to share my journey as a mom, as a woman, as an athlete, and as a wife with everyone out there who is interested…it is pretty special to me. I am hoping that I can give everyone an entertaining ride. Along the way, they are going to share the ups and the downs, and hopefully we will be there for all the great success at the end of the journey.”

CBS: How’s your training going for your upcoming 4th (!) Olympic appearance? Are you able to find the time amidst the potty training and piles of laundry? Do you feel ready and stronger than ever?

KW: “My training is going awesome! [Laughs] laundry is put on hold more than my training, but not so much the potty training. Laundry waits until midnight hours – it’s my job! The boys just started school literally three weeks ago, so we drop them off in the mornings and pick them up at 2:30 p.m. In between then, my husband and I are going to workouts. We probably have a minimum of two workouts a day, usually three, and we also have therapy.

So we are on-the-go from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. When we pick up the boys, everyone is so happy and we share what we did during the day, go to the park, have a great dinner, and go to bed. That is when we get to do all the housework [laughs].

I definitely feel more ready and stronger than ever. I am really enjoying our pre-season. We just started training full-force – it is a really fun time! There is so much hope and enthusiasm right now, and the Olympic spirit is picking up in the United States. We also have a new coach added to our coaching staff, so we are learning so much and breaking down bad habits. It is very exciting to be growing in all the right ways, and we are really focused, determined, and happy. It’s a really great combo.”

CBS: After competing in London this summer, do you have plans for the next Olympics?

KW: “Yes. Children obviously change things, and we want at least three, maybe four kids. Traveling with two kids seems manageable right now, traveling with three seems a little crazy, and traveling with four seems really crazy. Having a family is our priority, so we will see how that changes things. As far as I feel right now, how much I love the game and how much room for growth I have makes me absolutely in it for real. I think it would be amazing to win a gold medal in Brazil.”

CBS: How are your boys doing? What are they into? Do they get along well?

KW: “My boys are so awesome. They just started school, and they love each other with all their hearts. Sundance always wakes up first and the first thing he says is, ‘Joe-Joe, Joe-Joe,’ while looking for his brother, Joey. Joey does the same thing; he wakes up and goes, ‘Where’s Sundance? What’s he doing?’ They don’t play with each other though; they play around each other and not so much with each other yet – until they fight over the same toy they want [laughs].

They are such brothers, and it is great to watch them interact. Their spirit of play is really beautiful. Joey loves animals, and he is super into dinosaurs, cows, and barnyard animals. Sundance loves books and he’s a ball guy. If there is a ball or a bat, he’s into it!”

CBS: How do you juggle it all? Being mom to 2 under 3, a wife, your Olympic training, etc.?

KW: “My kids are 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 years old, and my husband and I are a team. My husband is going for the same goals and dreams that I am going for this summer in London. He plays beach volleyball, and he too wants to be the best in the world. We are a team in every respect of the word. We are a team at home and a team outside of the home on the court. We are trying to make each other and ourselves the best people, the best wife, the best father, the best mommy, and the best volleyball players we can be.

He helps me get all my stuff done and I help him get all of his stuff done. We have a really great system, and we communicate very well. We have a lot of love, which helps on the bad and tough days.”

CBS: What do you love most about being a mom?

KW: “Oh man, I couldn’t say just one thing! I really love my boys – I love everything. I come from a pretty big family, and I always thought I knew how wonderful and special it would be. I was around kids my whole life, and I absolutely loved it. Now that I am a mom, the feelings are better, more poignant, and more profound than I ever thought they would be. I am loving every step of the way. I really love even the most challenging and difficult things – I am learning so much every day. I am truly enjoying the journey of being a mom.”

Do you and your husband hope to try for a girl? Maybe after London?

KW: “Absolutely! The goal and the plan are to win gold in London and then get pregnant right away. I would love, love, love to see what a little girl of ours would look like. I would love to have a daddy’s little girl for my husband. It is in God’s hands, and if we have another boy, I would be so blessed too.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

KW: “We are kind of in the thick of things right now, because we have so many things going on. Obviously, training for the Olympics and getting ready for our season to start in April. We are working with so many amazing brands, Kellogg’s being one of them. We are honing our team right now.

My foundation, Chase The Stars, is also getting bigger and we are trying to raise funds to build a sand court in the Bay Area for an underserved community. It is so fun – we’ve built two courts so far, and we are partnering up with Good Tidings Foundation to build a third court in the Bay Area somewhere. We are raising money for that and we are hoping to dedicate it right after we kick butt in London.

I am also focusing on all the parenting stuff, as the boys are getting so big. We are doing a little bit of everything right now.”

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  1. Oh my goodness, her boys are so cute! Joey’s hair is fantastic, and Sundance’s face is just the sweetest! I love the photo of Kerri with Sundance in the stripey onesie.

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