Jessica Alba & Haven: Saturday Smiles

Valentine’s Day star Jessica Alba and her youngest daughter Haven shared some smiles at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills on Saturday (February 18). Papa Cash Warren and big sis Honor, 3, joined the duo for some fun in the California sun.

Jess and her 6-month-old were seen enjoying some tummy time on a blanket. The 30-year-old actress recently gushed about the latest milestone of her sweet baby. “She’s starting to roll over,” Jessica said. “She’s just the best!”

Last weekend, we saw the Alba-Warrens at the same popular playground of the stars.

After the park, the family-of-four headed to the Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood, Calif. for lunch.

Sounds like a fun little Saturday!

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  1. And before anyone says anything about Haven’s appearance remember that Jessica and Cash both have white mothers. Jessica has the fattest babies but they thin out as toddlers.

    • she has one child that has made it to the toddler stage….how can you make such a general statement like ‘they thin out as toddlers’….they who? honor?
      and yes we are all very aware that there are white people in their family, especially her danish grandmother.

  2. It has nothing to do with their white mothers, I still don’t think from a facial standnpoint that she looks like either parent.

  3. Fat and healthy, yes. Attractive, no. If you are going to put them out there- you are asking for comments. That’s mine. Not cute! Neither child took after their cute Mom. AND that is without even acknowledging the infamous “Danish Grandmother” LOL! Just shows you that genetics can go both ways!

  4. I saw a photo Jessica posted on Twitter of Haven being fed and she was beautiful. These photos don’t do her justice. And Honor has the cutest little face. People seem to have no problem making cutting and unkind comments about children, makes you wonder what they look like themselves.

    • I’m certain all the people who making comments bashing these and other children were bullied themselves. It’s a common response – they were bullied, so they think it’s appropriate to turn around and do it to others. It’s very sad, really.

    • I don’t worry about what they LOOK like, but I seriously question how they think. What is wrong with a person who not only THINKS a small child is ugly, but feels the need to express that to the world and post it on a public forum as if it’s important that they get the word out?

      It’s crazy.

  5. Haven is beautiful! Are you all blind!? It’s honor I’m worried about. She doesn’t seem to get any prettier. Poor child 🙁

  6. I think Haven is adorable! She’s really pretty. Honor takes A LOT after her father, that’s why I find her not so pretty atm, but I’m sure she’ll grow into her looks!

  7. I love people who call a baby ugly.
    The only bad thing I can say about Jessica is the fact she overexposes herself and her children.

    When it comes to bullying I don’t think age makes a difference. Once you’re bullier you will always be one. If you started at 11 you will keep going on with being one until the day you die unless big things happen in life to change the person.

    Women who come to this site enjoy to claim they’re all adults and most of them say they are mothers too. Most of those women never grow out of the “High School bullying mentality”. If they feel pleasure in being bulliers their kids will be bulliers with all certainty in the world.

    • Bullying by a different format…..They can’t do it in person so they do it by the written word on these websites to insult and say cruel things about small children who can’t defend themselves. Plus as they get older it would be totally inappropriate to still be the schoolyard “bully” so this is ideal for them. You’re right, they never grew out of it but this gives them a forum…….

  8. Why are these nasty comments bashing the looks of poor innocent babies even been posted? PLEASE CBS I BEG YOU TO DELETE THEM AND PUT A STOP TO IT.

  9. I’m not sure I’m following these “bullying” comments. None of these posters are saying these things to anyone in particular, especially not to the children nor the parents, so how is that bullying? They are expressing their opinion just as the others on this site that are calling the baby beautiful and adorable.
    I don’t agree with the ugly comments but I’m not about to say negative things to the people that do. Isn’t that a form of bullying or am I wrong?

    My own personal opinion is that the baby is adorable, especially in the picture of her smiling. I do agree that neither girl looks like her mother but then again, none of my kids (minus one) looks like me either lol

    • By your logic, I can call anyone anything I want, as long as I’m not talking to a specific person. Uh, no.

      (If the schoolyard bully calls your kid a fat hog, and the teachers tell him that bullying will not be tolerate because it’s rude and hurtful, the teacher is NOT being a bully.)

      • Um yes. You are entitled to have an opinion about someone. That is your right and it does not have to be a positive opinion. You can vent to a friend, husband, wife, family member, etc … or just make a passing by comment/observation. Nearly everyone is guilty of it and if you are one of those few perfect people, then you have my sincere apology. So yes, you can say, think, feel whatever you want about someone. It becomes something else entirely when you start saying everything to the person. If things need to be said, then yes but if its with the sole person of hurting them, making them feel bad, then a line has been crossed and its turned into bullying.

        As for your example… umm sorry but the comments on here were not in that context at all. If people were being gentle (as a teacher would be) yet stern okay but what I saw was other people calling posters ugly themselves and bullies. It was said in a negative way and was actually worse than what the poster themselves were saying. Also, its a teachers job. No one on here was hired to correct someone or lecture them or call them names. No one but the people who RUN this site, to which I’m sure they would send them an email and remove their comments if they found them to be inappropriate.

        • There is a difference between having an opinion about someone’s appearance and stating it in a public forum for all the world to read. The former is obviously everyone’s right. The latter also their right, but it is also cruel and unnecessary and contributes nothing of value (I think the “so cute!!!!” comments also contribute nothing of value, but since they are harmless, there’s no reason to say anything as a general rule). If you think that’s okay, well, that’s the kind of person you want to be, and good luck with that. I feel sorry for you.

          And yes, obviously the people who run this site don’t have a problem with it. They like the pageviews and the attention that controversy generates. That doesn’t mean something shouldn’t be said in response. If people have a right to say nasty, horrible things about a complete stranger, I have just as much right to call them out for what they are, which is that they are cruel bullies. Sorry if that hurts your delicate sensibilities. If people get offended by being called bullies, maybe they should try being nicer people.

          • You should probably find something better to do with your time than school everyone on being what you consider a “bully” – as of late, you haven’t changed anyone’s mind.

          • Maybe. Maybe not. Hopefully there will be someone who reads what they’ve written and second-guesses themselves next time or asks themself, “Is it really necessary for me to ridicule a child online?”

            Look at it this way: Would you teach your children to do it? Would you think it was okay for them to be ridiculing some random kid in school on Facebook or something like that? I don’t think so. Why is this different?

          • This is different because Haven doesn’t read Celebrity Baby Scoop. I’m sorry you don’t understand that.

          • So far, you only seem to be making it worse. People generally don’t like to be told what to do/think/say.

    • Actually, I don’t think that I am wrong. Bullying is specifically doing or saying something negative/hurtful to a particular person/people. Usually to get a rise or to flat just hurt them. Since I’m doubtful that anyone on this site actually knows these people, then its not bullying. I think another term should be used. Though the people going out of their way to reply DIRECTLY to the posters and say equally negative things (if not worse) then yes, that would be a form of bullying as the replies are meant to be read by the intended party.
      I don’t agree with the negative comments but people ARE entitled to their opinions on a website. Going to a playground and outright calling children “ugly” or anything else negative is an entirely different story so please don’t try to bring up that up in comparison.

      • Whether or not someone would call a child “ugly” directly to their face or just post it on a public forum *IS* the same thing as far as I’m concerned.

        It takes a really nasty person to even THINK that a child is ugly, they have to be ultra-nasty to then type it out, and completely thoughtless to then think that they need to share that opinion with the world.

        People ARE entitled to their opinions. My opinion is that people who bash children’s looks, faces, expressions, clothing (etc etc etc) are mean, ugly-on-the-inside bully types who should be hanging their heads in shame.

        • I agree that it is quite rude to call a child ugly. However, I completely disagree that only a nasty person can THINK that a child is ugly. That is something that a person has no control over. You can’t force yourself to find someone or something physically attractive.

          I’ll be totally honest, my little sister was not a cute baby (she was gorgeous by age 2). I didn’t love her any less, I couldn’t possibly have loved her more. That doesn’t make me a nasty person, it means that she just was not what I considered cute.

          Its exactly the same thing as someone finding Brad Pitt attractive while I don’t. We’ve just moved on to a higher age bracket. Noone is hardwired exactly the same and everyone is always going to have their own opinions. That doesn’t make one person wrong and one person right, it just makes us who we are.

          • Haven is lovely. Go on Google and ask for “Twitter of Haven Warren eating from spoon”….you will see gorgeous blue eyes and a perfect nose and mouth.

    • Bullying can take different forms. One of them is not necessarily insulting the person directly but aiming the insults and derogatory comments to others to try and influence them so they will think less of the intended victim, that the victim is no good, evil, ugly or whatever.

    • Maybe they haven’t eaten breakfast and thinks she looks like a delicious breakfast pastry. (Or, you know, they’re just trolling.)

  10. Luv it when $$ celebrities who have $$$ take their kids to public parks to play
    hello photo opporutnity
    I just read an interesting blind item about a A -list celeb who is facinatined by a c-list celeb and her kids that when she sees a pic of them she does the same , in copying what c list celeb does, popular guess ‘s are
    celeb A-lister is Hally Berry and C list is Jessica

  11. Not a photo opportunity, more like a mom wanting her children to be with other children, not stuck in their own back yard by themselves. The paps follow Jessica right from her home to the park. Grow a brain.

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