Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Sunday Smiles

Daddy-daughter date!

Male model Gabriel Aubry took his adorable 3-year-old daughter Nahla to the Los Angeles Zoo on Sunday (February 19). The gorgeous duo were all smiles and had a great time looking at the animals while enjoying their time together.

Alliance Kamdem, the nanny hired by both Aubry his ex Halle Berry, filed a police report against the Canadian model in January, claiming she was pushed against a door while holding Nahla. Police listed the incident as a battery. Reportedly, Aubry was not charged because of “insufficient evidence.”

The genetically-gifted exes have been locked in a bitter custody battle over Nahla since parting ways in 2010. Earlier this month, Nahla was appointed her own legal representative to act in the child’s best interests.


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    • It almost seems like Halle is jealous of how much Nahla appears to love her father. As a result she is doing and saying whatever necessary to remove him from the picture.

      Thats my two cents.

      • Your two cents isn’t worth anything when you’re commenting on people you only “know” through photos.

        To accuse the mother of trying to keep the child away from the father because she’s jealous is just talking out your a$$. It’s made up, has no basis in fact, and is plain mean, too.

        • We base our opinions on Halle’s behavior. Gabriel files to have his rights solidified by the courts, she starts in with her accusations and demands for sole custody. It’s called common sense. Look into it.

        • My own opinion is based on Halle’s inconsistent actions. Gabriel was a great dad–until he filed papers with the court to have legal standing in Nahla’s life. Suddenly his was a violent racist and he couldn’t be alone with her and Halle wants sole custody. Any idiot could make the connection that halle is the one with the control issues. It’s called common sense. Look into it.

        • She said it ‘seems’ that way……calm down. I don’t think anonymous gets to decide the custody of Nahla so relax, everything will be ok. I promise.

  1. It is such a shame the parents cannot get along and agree that it is best for BOTH parents to be in this childs life. She clearly LOVES her daddy, why any mother would want to get in the way of this father-daughter relationship is beyond me.
    So sad!

  2. I hope all this Halle/Gabriel/nanny and all the other drama we’re not aware of doesn’t influence this poor kid in any possible way…

  3. People…it is well documented how Halle has been pulling out all of the stops to malign her ex FOR OVER A YEAR now. What hasn’t she dragged him into court for? She even tried to not have him listed on a birth certificate as his daughter’s father for God’s sake. Anyway, Gabriel looks like he needs a spa day.

    • Why wasn’t his name wasn’t listed on the birth certificate when she was born??? I presume they were still together and on good terms.

  4. This picture breaks my heart because I see a daddy that loves his baby girl more than life itself, and we are reminded that her mother is trying to destroy this. I wish that Gabe could get FULL custody of his little princess, and that she would just go away. She and nasty looking Olivier makes me sick. Re OM, what kind of man would try to steal another man’s child away from him. Well, Karma is something, and one day I hope the same thing happens to OM, if he is ever lucky enough to father a child. The entire situation stinks!

    • Ok, so you’re not only projecting your vile stupidity on Halle Berry, but now you think Oliver is trying to steal this child from her father.

      Are you a Birther, too?

      • Stupidity is already on Halle, and you too, if you don’t see that Olivier is trying to move in, and help Halle get rid of the birth father.

        And for the records, yes, I’m a birther – the mother of three, and I would never try to cut my children’s father off from seeing them, irregardless of what kind of relationship the two of us had!

  5. Not true. Gabe’s name is on the birth certificate. He was making it a matter of record of the court. This process also prevents Olivier or anyone else claiming to be her father and/or for adoption purposes. All has to go through Gabe as well as he has to give permission along with a judge for Halle to take Nahla to Paris (which will never happen). The judge can take up to 6 months or more to render a decision.

    Anyway, here’s Nahla’s birth certificate with Gabe’s name as the father. Check tmz Celebrity Baby Birth Certificates: #5 unless the rotate 07142008

  6. Check TMZ Celebrity Baby Certificates 07142008–Gabe is named as the father on Nahla’s birth certificate. He just made it a matter of legal record to protect his rights and Nahla. Probably didn’t did do until then because he didn’t think he would have to.

  7. Apologies for the double post. New computer. Horse hockey about Nahla is soooooooooooo afraid of her father, if you can tell by these adorable pix here and several other sites of them having a great time at the zoo. Also, don’t see the supposed monitor that’s supposed to be watching him. Halle needs to get a grip and let him be a father and work out their issues for Nahla’s sake. Halle needs to be an adult for once in her life and stop blaming and playing a victim.

  8. Boy, I wonder what any of the women on this site would do if they even suspected their baby’s daddy of being violent, cursing, screaming at their 3-year old (or at someone else with their 3-year old present). You’d go nuts, that’s what you’d do.

    Somehow, when Halle Berry does it, it makes HER the bad person. SMH

    Just remember: a court of law determined that there was enough suspicion that this man is not permitted unsupervised visits with his daughter. Courts do NOT do this lightly.

    • Because no parent has ever leveled false allegations in court and no court of law ever bought a bill of goods from a convincing liar. Sure.

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