Monet Mazur: Polka-Dot Mama

Monet Mazur took her 11-month-old son Luciano out for a stroll with a friend in Los Feliz, Calif. on Saturday (February 18).

The actress wore a fedora and eye-catching red pants with white dots for the day out. Her other son Marlon, 6, wasn’t with them.

Monet – whose television credits include Castle, CSI: Miami, and Party Of Five – has spoken about her parenting philosophy.

She said, “I think [parents] always have one before they have their child, but then once they give birth, every kid is so different. We definitely treat and raise Marlon as an equal – as much as you can treat a child as an equal. We let him make a lot of his own choices and try to be easygoing.

“When we had him, we went on a three-year crazy move across the world, so my ideas of how I thought [parenting] would be – regimented, strict and scheduled – were thrown out the window. You have to let go and go with the flow. We’ve lived all over the world – he’s gone to school in Spain, London and New York and now we’re back in L.A. He’s adapted so well.”

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