Alessandra Ambrosio & Anja: Puppy Love

What a cutie (and Anja’s pretty adorable as well).

Expectant Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, 30, was seen picking up her 3-year-old daughter Anja from school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (February 22).

The Brazilian-born beauty – who is expecting her second child with partner Jamie Mazur – brought along a white furry friend today to greet her daughter. Judging by sweet Anja’s smile, I think the pup was a hit.

Although Alessandra stomped the catwalk back in November in the Victoria’s Secret annual lingerie extravaganza back, she has admitted that she was unsure if she would be able to participate in the show due to her growing maternity curves.

“When I first found out I was pregnant I thought, “Oh my gosh I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk on the show,'” she said in December, revealing that she kept the pregnancy a secret from the company by telling the show’s producer that she had merely put on some weight.


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    • I think she’ll be ok when she hits her teens because then she’ll be old enough to do something with those eyebrows. She looks a lot like her mom who, although she is a model, has a funky looking face. I’m sure Anja will be fine.

    • So you think it’s ok to judge the physical appearance of a 3-year old, but you don’t want anyone to judge you?

      Alrighty then.

  1. Anon @ 11:15 pm, I agree. She has the potential to look like her mom but right now it is “eesh yikes!”. Her mom isn’t all that gorgeous to me, something about her mouth, which her daughter has. I know I am slaughter to the bulls now but oh well, it’s JMO that i am entitled to like every other comment poster.

  2. With all due respect …. this child is very odd looking “ugly duckling” if you will. Hope she does come into some good looks …. I’m just saying!!!

  3. You guys are so judgmental to a 3year old! She has baby teeth still of course she will grow into her looks! Her mouth area looks kinda different because she almost4 a child and still has small baby teeth when she loses her teeth she will get bigger teeth and it will frame her face nicely. Many toddlers and small kids have a gap tooth because they still have baby teeth!

  4. The kid will be perfectly fine looking. Frankly, I’m more worried about why they allow a small child to carry a dog that way. It’s not a toy and shouldn’t be treated like one.

  5. The comments on this child are so unfortunate.
    I’m sure many of you have heard this but things can be done about one’s looks, but your horrible attitudes are most likely with you for life.
    No wonder we have young women starving themselves, crying in their rooms about being “ugly”. You are hopeless – hopefully none of you ever have children – I’d hate to see your horrible, disgusting, offensive attitudes repeated in our youth.

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  7. Haven’t seen anything today, hope all is well, Chris!I think we got what we asked for, a frhgteis chance. Are my hopes up? No. But do I have a little bit of faith? Absolutely. A ton of questions going in to tomorrow evenings game, and I cannot wait for them to be answered. Go Phils!

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