Madonna & Lourdes: Touch Down In Los Angeles

Like A Virgin singer Madonna was snapped arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (February 21) with her beautiful 15-year-old daughter Lourdes.

The 53-year-old Material Mom and her gorgeous girl were greeted by a frenzy of flashing bulbs and excited fans who were anxious to get the superstar’s autograph. The pretty pair made their way through the crowds only to find that their car was no-where to be seen. After a few phone calls from Madonna’s assistants, the car finally arrived to whisk the girls away.

It was recently announced that Lourdes will reportedly be performing for the first time on stage along side her mother during her tour that’s set to begin in Israel in May.

“It is the first time Lourdes will have appeared on stage with her mum,” a source reveals. “There are risqué dancers and some blatantly sexual dance routines – but Madonna is really excited about Lourdes making an appearance.”

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  1. Again with that rubbish from the Daily Fail -__- I wish stories from that crappy tabloid weren’t used as legitimate sources.

  2. can you imagine growing up with Madge “‘roid-dick arms” for a mother?? I feel so sorry for her children. in and out of airports probably every other week their entire existence.

    • Douchey comment much? Your lame insult about her arms is unnecessary and irrelevant to her ability to parent.

      And what are you going on about? Madonna’s children only travel when they’re on school breaks. Madonna doesn’t pull them out of school to travel. Save your false pity for others.

  3. I saw some pics in the airport of Madonna hugging Lola she was crying again. Why is the this poor kid crying all the time i can imagine 100 pap’s in their face would freak me out.

  4. Well, good for her. Wish I could afford to see her show. Ah but once again never seem to have enough money. 800 dollars for a night out for two is way out of my budget. That buys second level tickets. Oh well….. maybe next time. Sigh……..

    • That’s misleading. There were cheap seats. Tickets ranged from $45-300 something (upper level down to floor seats). If you want premium seats (with VIP packages), then yes, it’s going to cost money, but she puts on expensive and spectacular shows.

  5. I can’t believe I read Madonna tells her fans to start “STARVING THEIRSELVES” for expensive seats because she’s worth it. I hope people don’t actually do that. Geeesh

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