Report: Lourdes To Join Mom Madonna On Tour

Like mother, like daughter!

According to a new report, Material Mom Madonna will have a very special guest along on her upcoming tour: Her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes!

“It is the first time Lourdes will have appeared on stage with her mum,” a source tells the Daily Mail. “There are risqué dancers and some blatantly sexual dance routines – but Madonna is really excited about Lourdes making an appearance.”

The insider says that Lourdes will join the team of back-up dancers when her mom sets out on the 50-date tour she announced earlier this month. The tour is set to kick off in Israel in May.

Madonna chatted about her then 13-year-old daughter’s performance abilities after she appeared in her 2009 ‘Celebration’ music video:

She’s been doing rhythmic gymnastics for years, she’s very flexible, she’s a great dancer, it was one of those fluke things…. The part when she’s dancing with my dancers — she’s very friendly with my dancers — and they kind of dragged her into it. And, it was a small little piece… It was great. She’s a showgirl.”


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  1. Doubtful.

    Madonna’s tour starts in May and Lourdes has still has school into sometime June. Madonna said she won’t let her miss school. I can’t see Lourdes being in Madonna’s show aside from a rare performance or two. It’s hard work and Madonna puts a lot of hours into rehearsals, which start 3 months before opening night. Lourdes will be in school during the time that rehearsals start up. I think there are restrictions as to how many hours minors can work and she only hires people who are 18 and over. How does the Daily Mail (crap tabloid) know that the performances are blatantly sexual when Madonna is still auditioning dancers and rehearsals have not started yet. Do they know something Madonna doesn’t know?

    The Daily Fail fails to mention that Lourdes and Rocco made surprise appearances during Madonna’s last show on her last tour (in Israel in 2009), so it would not be Lourdes’ first time on stage with her mother. That tabloid even posted pictures and videos when Lourdes and Rocco were on stage. Fail.

    • “How does the Daily Mail (crap tabloid) know that the performances are blatantly sexual”
      Since it’s Madonna we are talking about, it’s hardly a scoop

      • Have you even seen her shows? Not everything is sexual, especially blatantly so; they’re just making the same stupid assumption you are & pretending they have some insider info when they don’t.

      • As you quite rightly put it, the DM is a crap tabloid and this Madonna non-story is just a sample of the bs they put out each and every day. Truth and fiction aside, the way the articles are written (factual errors, bad grammar, etc.) a low level highschool student could write better….

        Why does CBS constantly rely on this rag and cite it as a source??? Anyone>??

  2. Madonna will likely hire a tutor/teacher to come along on the tour so Lourdes can finish her school year. It’s not an issue. Lourdes is actually going to be working and making her own money, not just hanging around. It sounds fabulous. I’m sure also that her mother will set rules and guidelines and will be there to keep an eye on her.

    • Lourdes goes to public school and cannot finish the school year via a tutor, she must attend class. NY public schools have restrictions on how many days can be missed. Madonna didn’t even let her miss 2 days in order to be in Indiana with her. The children joined Madonna after they got out of school. Madonna also tours at the beginning of next school year. No way that Madonna will let her go during the time she’s in school. Aside from a rare appearance or something in the summer, I can’t see Madonna letting Lourdes appear in the show.

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