Kim & Khloé Kardashian “So Excited” That Kourtney’s Having A Girl

Now that the big news is out, the Kardashian clan can barely contain their excitement over the fact that Kourtney is having a baby girl!

“Wooohooo @KourtneyKardash and @ScottDisick are having a baby girl!!!!” Khloé Tweeted. “OMG I can’t wait to buy her a glitter tutu LOL.”

Aunt Kim also took to the Web to share her joy, writing on her blog, “Kourtney is having a baby girl!!! The whole family is so excited! Mason is going to have a little sister! Congratulations, Kourtney and Scott. I can’t wait to meet her. Xo.”

Kourtney and her longtime love Scott Disick, already parents to 2-year-old son Mason, revealed just yesterday that they’re expecting a daughter.

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  1. SO SICK of seeing these plastic witches, hearing about these ridiculous fake people…AND having them on some of my favorite sites where THEY DO NOT BELONG! PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS WHOLE LOST FAMILY! GIVE THE REST OF US A BREAK…PLEASE? Seriously E has milked them to the end of time. Normal people don’t follow.. or want to see them!…STOP throwing up Kardashians just to please a few low life fans…make this site KARDASHIAN FREE!!!! I

    • VERY WELL SAID!!! No one I know admires them either and it would be GREAT if this site banished them. They are the most selfish, materialistic, NON down-to-earth people on this site. ENOUGH ALREADY!! I guaranteee they would not be missed!!!

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