Kourtney Kardashian & Mason’s Play Day

The expectant mama Kourtney Kardashian was spotted taking her 2-year old son Mason out for a play day at Kidnasium in Santa Monica on Tuesday (February 28). Looks like the little cutie picked out a toy dinosaur to add to his collection.

The fashion retailer has been enjoying mommy-Mason time and always looks fab when she’s out on the town. Although, feeling comfortable can sometimes trump high-fashion style. After a stroll with her tot, she shared, “Mason wanted to stay in his comfy pj’s and I don’t blame him…I feel that way all the time!”

Earlier this week, the eldest Kardashian sibling and her long-time boyfriend, Scott Disick, announced that they are expecting a baby girl. “This is an amazing blessing and Scott and I are so thrilled.”


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  1. I agree, when are they going to cut his mullet off? If they are going for the longer hair look, at least trim it up so it looks nice.

  2. Geesh..why you all gotta be sexist? What the hell, you sound like an old fart, those long hairs! Seperate tangent…unrelated to photo…Do you ever wonder why men go bald more often than women? If I had a little boy, I would be grateful for that head of hair! I have thick hair, maybe the previous posts are from bald people and they are haters cuz their jelous, lol!

  3. EXACTLY! i totally agree with you! Mason is an adorable boy! Kourtney is definitely a great mother who loves and takes care of her child. I bet all of you won’t want your baby looking like crap. Mason is just too cute and I love his gorgeous hair! Stop being so envious people! wish you the best kourt xoxo.

  4. clearly you guys dont have kids of your own or have a good judge of babies sex. he looks nothing like a girl. the long hair may be a little mis leading but who cares. she most likely thinks its adorable and is proud of it. a lot of moms keep the hair long for a while. and even IF HE DID look like a girl, that is something you should keep to yourself.

  5. Mason is a cutie! I always wait until my babies have a full head of hair and are a little older to cut it… People would never be rude enough to tell me my sons look like girls! However, a few people said one of my looked like Samson from the Bible!!! 🙂

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