January Jones & Her California Cutie

New mom January Jones, 34, and her adorable son Xander, 5 months, were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (February 28). From the hat, to the blanket, to the outfit, it was a sea of baby blue for January’s sweet son.

The Mad Men star has remained mum on the identity of her son’s father. Rumorville has suggested everyone from her ex-boyfriends Ashton Kutcher and Jason Sudeikis, to X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn.

Mad Men fans will soon see her as Betty Draper again when the show premieres on March 25.

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  1. That is SO Jason Sudakis’ baby! Holy cow – he looks just like him! I will be very surprised if she later reveals the father and it’s not Jason…..

  2. u see, i just don’t get it if jason sudakis is indeed the father, why they both denied it. it’s not like sudakis was married or something.

    • It’s because she is just a giant bitc*as you can tell from any pic ever taken of her. Her days of fame are over anyway..and good riddance!

    • Huh? Why is it so hard to understand? She was not together with the father, whoever it is, and probably didn’t want the father to be involved. And/or maybe the father didn’t want to be involved. Not everyone wants to be a parent. Not everyone wants to have a lifetime connection to a person just because of a pregnancy. If both parents agree to that, it’s no one else’s business.

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