Is Jessica Simpson Getting A $30,000 Push Present?

Sounds like Jessica Simpson‘s fiancé is planning something special when their baby arrives!

Eric Johnson has been ”pretending” he won’t be gifting Jess with a push present, but the former NFL player has secretly bought the blonde beauty $30,000 in jewels, OK! reports.

A source said: ”He made a big deal about how ridiculous he thought the idea of push presents was, so she has no idea that she’s getting anything at all. He loves to surprise her, which is why he’s pretending he hasn’t got anything, but he’s actually planning to totally spoil her. He didn’t just get her one thing — he really went crazy!”

Reportedly, Eric purchased Jessica a ring which will be engraved with their baby’s birth date, as well as platinum bracelets and a matching necklace with a sizeable amethyst.

The source added, ”He got in touch with the store in Capri because he knew that would be really meaningful to Jess. They shopped there on her 30th birthday, which is when they first talked about spending the rest of their lives together.”

The happy couple are due to welcome their first child in the coming weeks.

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  1. I’m sorry but there is something wrong in a relationship when someone can ‘secretly’ spend that much money without the other one knowing. Although maybe when you are rich you don’t notice missing money?!!

    • Many couples do not mix their funds. I have been married for twenty years and although we have one joint account. We both maintain the majority of our funds separately. We each pay our share of bills and then we control our own funds. My idea… I work so why should anyone even my loving spouse have control of my funds. I should not have to ask anyone else how I can spend MY hard earned cash.

    • They’re not even married; unmarried couples don’t usually ask permission to spend their own money.

  2. Technically if she has a cesarean it’s not a push present as there’s no actual pushing involved. @Anon she has a deal with weight watchers and some women that get c-sections can’t have a tummy tuck right after nor is a women getting jewlery after giving birth a new phenomennon either Vanessa Redgrave got diamond and Sapphire earrings for christmas 1969 after her son Carlo was born in September of that year

  3. The idea of a push present is so stupid. “Here let me get you an expensive gift for doing something you would have done regardless.”

    • Then you definitely should buy one or get one. What do you care if someone else buys the mother of their child a gift our of gratitude? Does your husband beat you or something?

      • You think that a gift from a man to a woman after the birth of their children equals getting PAID?

        What about men who give their wives gifts at their wedding or anniversaries? Is that getting PAID?

        The guy is commemorating an event in their lives with a gift. I really don’t understand how you can twist that into something negative.

        Oh, wait, yes I can. No one ever gave you a gift (or a hug if I had to guess).

  4. I call BS on this story She paid for her engagement ring, and now they what us to believe that he buying her a 30,000 push gift ya right.

  5. I got a gift for each of my girls and they were matching bands with their birthstones in them and are engraved with their birth information. Those rings mean more to me than my really expensive engagement ring and wedding band, they are so sentimental and I love that my husband thought it out on his own. I kind of think of it as his way of saying thanks for having my beautiful daughters.

  6. I have no real issue with a husband buying his wife a gift after childbirth (I like gifts!); the thing I object to is the name “push present”. It sounds so trite and as if it were made up by jewelry manufacturers to push another gift giving requirement. It also strikes me that this new required gift is just another opportunity for women to get ticked off at their husbands for not buying one or for buying the wrong thing.

    • I agree! The term is offensive for some reason! My husband bought me a gift after the births of each of my sons..and it was a surprise to me both times. I neither expected or asked for anything. Both gifts were something very special to me- I think this entire phrase “push present” needs to be retired. The gift after the birth of a child from the father is a loving reminder of his love for her and this new life..not a gimmick created by Hollywood.

  7. I got the best push present….french fries!! I was starving and craving them so my wonderful husband went and got me some! 😉

  8. HA HA HA A push present!!! She has never pushed anything in her life!! She’ll have a scheduled C sec- not due to issues but because she is far too lazy to give birth to her child…she’ll have a tummy tuck & and once she realizes the work involved, She’ll fall ill so that her hired fiance will need to become her servant…He’ll be gone by the 3 month…

      • That person wouldn’t dare come back and admit that his/her prediction was all wrong. That would be like saying that those comments should’ve never been made.

        Its one thing to call someone out for being a hater, but haters never willingly reveal that they are….haters!!!

        Admitting that what they said was wrong, is like admitting that it should have never been said, in the first place!

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