Michelle Williams: Lunch Date With Her BFF

Michelle Williams and 6-year-old Matilda went to lunch with best pal Busy Philipps on Wednesday (February 29). The group ate their meals inside M Cafe in Los Angeles, Calif.

Busy looked pretty in her bright yellow dress!

The Cougar Town star has mentioned she’s been Michelle’s plus-one at a few awards shows.

She recently told Popsugar, “I’m Michelle Williams’ date for the third time as she’s nominated for the Critics Choice and the GG and hopefully third time’s a charm… and my BFF comes home with a statue!

“I’m really crossing my fingers and also I feel like if she doesn’t win maybe next time she’s gonna go with a different date.”

The two also attended the Oscars together this past weekend. Busy had said their girls helped them get ready for that event.

Both of our daughters will be around, that’s always a little chaotic. The little girls like to see their moms get dressed up and then they don’t want us to leave.”

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  1. I agree – are they literally standing there with a camera in their faces? She’s beautiful little girl…

    • You try walking from place to place with a child while being harrassed by agressive men with cameras. Let’s see how you react.

    • The paps were yelling at them. Busy went out and asked the paps to back off Matilda and instead the paps decided to call them b*#%hes for trying to protect her. I’m sure it’s scary for a 6 year old to have a pack of men calling her mom and god mom bad names while they are just trying to leave a restaurant. TMZ ended up firing their photog.

      • And you got this story from where?! Unless you were there i’m pretty sure you have no idea what went on or why she was carrying her.

        • Busy Phillips on twitter! Who Harvey Levin then apologized to on twitter and said that the photog had been fired because TMZ has a policy against their people getting aggressive.

          • Because I happened to be on Twitter when it was trending? It took all of about 30 seconds out of my day.

          • Love how judgmental you are telling someone they have too much time on their hands for knowing celebrity news. You do realize you are spending time out of your day on a celebrity news site? Hypocrite.

          • Theres a BIG difference in reading an article on a news site & knowing the whole back story of it from every parties side!

      • TMZ ended up firing their photog
        that’s good news, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. most of these guys are aggressive, predatory scum bags — i’ve seen them up close and they are like a pack of hyper monkeys. you can’t blame michelle or other celebs from wanting to protect their children from these vermin.

    • I’m sure she’s fine. A person who would get upset about a mother carrying her child, however, seems not normal to me.

  2. The paparazzi were not standing over their table if you look a the pictuer you will see from the placement of the iPhone and handbag on the table that’s we’re Busy was sitting and that the pictuer quality is different from the others.

    My guess is that the pictuer was taken by a staff member or a fan who was in the restaurant with their phone.

    • If it was a staff member, I hope they were fired. Talk about instrusive. And CBS, why would you purchase a photo that is clearly a violation of someone’s privacy & taken unbeknownst to them?

      • Unless you are in need of publicity like certain d-listers, reality stars, etc., most celebs do not want to be relentlessly followed and photographed, but put up with it. Taking a picture of someone up close in a restaurant like this is clearly crossing the line — it’s one thing to follow someone down the street, but here, Michelle does not even seem aware she’s being snapped. Creepy.

  3. I still carry my 4 year old daughter if she gets tired and I’ll do it as long as possible, I really don’t understand why it bothers people so much. I won’t be holding her when she’s 16, don’t be in such a hurry for kids to grow up.

    • People here seem to think they have the right to tell strangers how to parent their children, whether it’s carrying them, how the dress or don’t dress them, whether they use nannies, how many they should have, etc. It’s really creepy.

      • The funniest thing are the posts that say, “Put her down!!!” or “She shouldn’t be carrying her”.

        Um… okay… do you think Michelle Williams is coming to this site to check for parenting advice? I don’t think so, so like the other poster said, “Who are they talking to” when they post stuff like that?

  4. About the carrying thing – Matilda isn’t photographed very often, so I imagine it might be quite distressing for her.

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