Robert & Cortney Novogratz: Seven Kids & New Design Projects

Seven kids never looked so easy! Celebrated husband and wife design team, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, not only have two sets of twins, they also have three other children! The reality TV stars have partnered with hip home furnishings brand CB2 and created a line of exclusive furniture and accessories.

Stars of several popular Bravo and HGTV shows, including their namesake series Home by Novogratz, the parents-of-seven opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their latest projects, raising their large family, and their thoughts on Baby No. 8: “we never say never.”

CBS: Congratulations on partnering with CB2 on your home furnishings brand! Tell us all about the line.

R&C: “It is a really cool collaboration, and we are very excited about it. Our first piece will be the “family” rug [seen in thumbnails below]. CB2 will debut in July. More home decor products with CB2 will be out in October.”

CBS: Where can we view and purchase your designs? And can we still see you on TV?

R&C: “Our collaboration for CB2 will be featured in their catalogues, and in their stores. And of course you can see us on TV. Our new season of Home by Novogratz (season 2) premieres this summer. We do lots of cool projects and have some amazing guests (including a lot of celebs) not to mention a lot of makeovers.”

CBS: Please tell us the names and ages of your seven children.

R&C: “Wolfgang, 14, Tallulah and Bellamy, 13, Breaker, 11, Five and Holleder, 6 and Major, 3.”

CBS: How are your kids doing? What are they into? Do they all get along?

R&C: “The kids are all fantastic. They are all doing different things. From athletics, to music, to art and more. With seven kids, you are going to have a wide range of interests and talents. Some of them have even gotten quite sharp about interior design, and we are definitely paying attention to their opinions. We are a close-knit group and the kids really, really depend on their siblings in a very nice way. Do they get along? Most of the time!”

CBS: As your careers build, how do you find time for each of your children? Do you have special ‘dates’ or alone-time with each of them?

R&C: “We make the kids our priority no matter what we are doing, and find time for some one-on-one with each of them. We also take different kids with us when we travel for projects. Just recently, we took our two six year-old twins to Mammoth, California to do a makeover for skateboarding superstar, Tony Hawk. They were in heaven!

When we went to Oklahoma to do a makeover for Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman (creating a room for her daughters), we took our 13 year-old twin girls, Bellamy and Tallulah, and all the girls had a great time together. It was cool to see our girls riding horses and roping! And city mom, Cortney, really bonded with country mom, Ree. They even cooked together!”

CBS: The last time we chatted, you said you were done at 7. Still feeling the same? Or do you have a special announcement for us?

R&C: “No special announcements! We feel like we are done, but on the other hand we never say never. We like being nine people together. It works for us.”

CBS: How do the two of you keep your relationship strong amidst working together, 7 children, and your busy careers?

R&C: “We work together, and for us, that makes us strong because we enjoy what we do and having each other as support and encouragement. Our family is everything to us, and we enjoy sharing that. And we try to have time together. We feel very blessed to have each other, do something we love, and have a chance to evolve and explore new things in our life as well as our work.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

R&C: “Season 2 of Home by Novogratz, the fab collaboration with CB2, a new book from artisan books in October, and lots of new design challenges of every type, which we live for! You can always keep up with us on our Twitter or our Facebook for updates as well.”

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