Paul Rudd: Parenting Is “The Hardest Job”

Dad to kids Jack, 7, and Darby, 2, actor Paul Rudd says he loves being a parent – but admits it can be a tough gig sometimes.

”It’s … you know … Marriage and parenthood. It’s the hardest job you’ll ever like,” says the Wanderlust star, who wed his wife Julie Yaeger in 2003. “It can be tough. It’s like, ‘Is this really the way we’re supposed to do this?’ But they’re great.”

Some parents say that their kids keep them young, but Paul, who will be 43 in April, reveals that in some ways having a child has made him feel older.

”I feel like, not really a crisis, more like a slow moving monolith of decay. And a subtle careening towards breakdown. No, in my forties I feel very different but it’s less to do with those age markers and more to do with life experiences,” he tells Glamour UK. “Having a kid and then also the death of a parent [Paul’s father died in 2008], those two things make me feel older than I used to. I don’t sweat ageing but there are things that are a drag. I mean I won’t be wearing those T-shirts that say ’50 and Fabulous’.”

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