Gabriel Aubry & Nahla Have A Swinging Good Time Together

A very excited Nahla Aubry, 3, was spotted running up to greet her father Gabriel Aubry, 36, as he picked her up from preschool in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (March 2).

The French-Canadian model transformed an ordinary walk to the car into an amusement park ride as he playfully swung his daughter up and down until they reached his vehicle. The doting dad carefully strapped Nahla into the backseat of his car before the pair zoomed off.

It seems as though the former restaurant owner is being urged to pen a tell-all book about his rocky relationship with ex-girlfriend and Nahla’s mother Halle Berry.

According to, Gabriel’s pals want their friend to tell his side of the story and redeem his reputation as an upstanding person, putting the current trashing he’s receiving in the media to rest.

“From what I can tell, Halle has to be in control at all times, period,” a close friend of the handsome hunk reveals. “It’s the reason that they broke up, because he just couldn’t handle being under her thumb like that. Gabe feels that relationships are about treating each other equally, but it seems that in Halle’s romantic relationships, this isn’t the case.”

“Gabe’s friends want the world to know the real Halle Berry,” the source continues.

However, Gabriel has had many offers to write books and give interviews in exchange for a big payday, but he has turned them all down. One day, Nahla is going to be old enough to understand what was going on between her parents, and he wants to be able to look his daughter in the eye, and say everything he has done, has been for her. Writing a book would be a great way to get back at Halle, but what would that get him? Gabe always thinks of his daughter when making any decision. Halle should count her lucky stars that her ex is being a gentleman, especially under these circumstances.”

So what does Gabriel reportedly think of his ex’s recent decision to get rid of respected lawyer Neil Hersh in exchange for legal pitbull Stephen Kolodny?

“Neither Gabe nor his lawyer are scared or intimidated by Stephen,” the source claims. “Gabe thinks this will help his case, because he thinks it shows how desperate and impatient she is.”

“He doesn’t believe either that Halle is afraid for her safety, when was the last time you saw her taking Nahla to school with a bodyguard? He believes it’s just another plot she is hatching to keep Gabriel out of Nahla’s life,” the source adds.

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  1. All I can say is I simply “love” this man for what he stands for; it appears that he always has his little daughter’s best interest at heart, and is allowing Halle to go the length in trashing him. Obviously, this is a man that has morals, and believes in the Lord. Gabe, I’m praying for you – that justice will prevail!

    • ummm Lois,i hope you know that the ‘trashing’ as you called it comes from both sides.Do you know him personally or his religious background?Since this craziness started,the only innocent person here is Nahla…both of her parents have trashed the other in the media….At the moment,it all seems like they are competing to see who wins the best photo-op awards.I also don’t know how you can love a man that you don’t know personally or have never been in contact with….

    • How do you know he believes in god? And what difference would it make, that wouldn’t make him a better dad. Its better for him to focus all his free time on his child rather than an imaginary friend.

    • This man is using the media to make himself look good. Let us not forget how much he HATES the media and getting his picture taken. He was always looking mean, surly and agitated by them all while Halle was pregnant and while they were still together.

      NOW – he’s playing with his daughter and smiling like Mr. Happy go lucky! I’m with kty – WE – the collective public don’t know JACK about this man! What’s the old saying, you don’t know a person until you LIVE with them?

      Yeah… and Halle did! She bought him cars…. which he is still driving… things – a home – and ALWAYS spoke kindly about him. It wasn’t until private “Crap” hit the fan, that she went the other direction. THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT!!!

      Halle is a good mother and loves her daughter. The media is VERY manipulative – and they – the media can EASILY make any situation look in favor of who they choose. This also goes for Mr. So-Called-Perfect! Don’t fall for it.

      • Bravo! You’re so right! WE do NOT know the Whole story, and my will NEVER know the whole story. It’s none of our business, so let’s just hope that it all works out for Nahla’s best interest.

        I couldn’t help but notice how sooooo many people have commented on how outings with Halle were all staged, but whenever Gabe’s out with Nahla, everyone raves about how loving and wonderful Gabe is to play with his daughter. Why is Halle’s staged (to make her look like a loving mother), and Gabe’s sincere? NEWS FLASH! They’re ALL genuine photo’s of loving parents with their daughter!

        I know that it’s none of our business, but….. I can’t help but wonder just what did happen between H and G. Something big I suspect.
        We all know that Halle has some personallity issues, BUT if you look into Gabe’s past, he ALSO has some anger and behavioral issues likely stemming from his troubled youth in foster care and group homes back home in Canada. “PLUSE”! You guys may not like to hear this, but…….. Canadians have a festering hatred of Americans. Yes that sounds awful, but if you took a few seconds (that’s all of the time you’d need to look it up), to research Canadian hatred of America, you’d see exactly where I’m coming from. Before anyone berates me on this subject,…..LOOK IT UP.

        Gabe may be confused by a lifetime of anti-America programming, and the reality of Americans by living with and around them for the severl years of his life. Look it up. Go to ANY Canadian news (or any site at all) website, and you’ll see that most of the subject matter relates to America, and the articles are ALWAYS negative, and the comments by Canadians are beyond VICIOUS!! >>>>>>>>LOOK IT UP<<<<<<<<<<< I do NOT hate Canadians (or any peoples), but after having lived in Canada for a few miserable years, with my Canadian ex, who turned out to be a typical American hating type (again, look it up), I've learned that they're NOT truely our closest friends, and that they take joy at our misfortune. And they're NOT afraid (anonymously on their computors of course) to say horrible things about Americans. LOOK IT UP .....PLEASE!

    • This man is not permitted to have unsupervised visits with his child. Courts don’t do that willy nilly. You can think what you want about Halle Berry, but there is no way she MADE the courts institute that order. There is SOMETHING going on there.

    • Believing in the lord has nothing to do with morals. Lots of religious people are very immoral, and lots of people who don’t believe in god are very moral. The two having nothing to do with each other.

  2. Im really not sure what Halle Berry has against Gabriel and why they keep saying he is a threat to his daughter. Every time I have seen photos of them two she looks like she is enjoying every second of her time with him. Halle needs to let them be and stop trying to be so controlling. I am sure she has lost her temper in front of Nahla a few times as well. Its normal to lose your temper once in a while but its not a reason to try to take her father away from her.

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  4. Well now Halle has hired herself a pitbull lawyer in her quest to remove Gabriel Aubry from his daughter’s life. You always hear about those women who put their current man before their children and here is a prime example. She wants to live in France with Martinez and will go to any lengths to achieve this. Sadly courts favor mothers and Berry has a lot more money to get what she wants. Poor Nahal. Every child needs someone in their life who adores and protects them and now one of them will be eliminated.

  5. One more thing… I waiting for the day he dislocates or breaks that baby’s wrist swinging her like that. Many children have ended up in emergency for the same stupid act by their fathers. DUMB!

    • She is of an age her wrist and elbows have stabilized for this sort of swinging that our parents have done with us at one point or another. (Should never be done with a child under the age of 2 though) He looks like a wonderful, fun father.

  6. We have to remember these are ‘sources’ speaking on behalf of both parties, rest is probably sensationalised by TMZ etc to make it sound far worse than it probably isn’t. The truth probably is somewhere in between these ‘sources’ in regards to the custody battle between these two. TMZ are the worst, they don’t care if there is a innocent child involved in all of this and will do anything to destroy Nahla’s relationship with her father.

    I don’t know, you can’t fake the joy that is on Nahla’s face when she’s with her father. If he wants to have photos taken of him being a good dad, I’d rather he do that than tell all to the media to clear his name which it appears he has chosen not to go down that road and I applaud him for taking the right decision. Both Halle and Gabriel have not had the smoothest upbringing, they both can work on their issues with the parenting classes and his anger management to overcome it.

    I do hope the decision is made with Nahla in mind! 🙂


  7. Anonymous @ 2:15 I do not resent you because you are an American, I resent you because you’re an idiot. That is all.


    A proud Canadian.

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