Pink & Family: Easy Riders

Pink and her husband Carey Hart were back on their bikes yesterday, heading out for a seaside ride in Venice, California yesterday, with their sweet daughter Willow riding right up front with daddy (March 2).

Parenthood seems to be a perfect fit for the pair, who welcomed baby Willow last June. The motocross pro recently took to Twitter to gush, “I absolutely love my night time with my daughter. Dinner, bath, and bed time. My wife gave me the best gift ever.”

Good news for all of the Pink fans out there: It sounds like the ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer is ready to get back into the studio: “Okay the hair is the palest pink…. You know what that means!!!!!!!!!! NEW RECORD TIME!'” she Tweeted this week.

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  1. while I’m not taking anything away from the extreme sacrifice and act of love women go through to bear a child- believe me I have two- but to say “My wife gave me the best gift ever” leaves God completely out of the equation. When I was pregnant, I was in complete awe of the whole process of having a child. It felt so out of my hands- GOD had blessed me with this gift- I really felt closer to Him than ever before. I can’t relate to people who think THEY are totally responsible for this little miracle. It’s a miracle- a total gift from God. It’s amazing- and I wish he would thank his wife AND his creator.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m pregnant now & i’ve said the same thing. How anyone can experience pregnancy & childbirth and not believe in God is beyond me. It truly is a miracle.

    • Might do you well to remember that not everyone believes in your imaginary god. There’s not god to be left out of the equation because there’s no god in the first place.

      • Don’t you wish the people who ccreated this and wrote the bible were around now to see how they fooled the world? They’d be laughing their asses off. Too bad they don’t get royalties for all the bibles sold.
        They were smart people that’s all I gotta say.

    • I can’t relate to someone who is so narrowed minded that they only choose to relate to people who think exactly like they do. And you have no idea who they feel about God. In this case, he was thanking his wife. It is not our business how they feel or whether or not they believe in God or not. Many people do not believe in God or believe in a different God than others do. It does not mean they are wrong or bad people. Just different.

      • Exactly. I’m shocked at the pure ignorance of the comment above ‘How anyone can experience pregnancy & childbirth and not believe in God is beyond me’ – have you not heard of other religions out there? Religion is not just about being Christian or not..
        I think respect for everyone’s different beliefs is very important. That commentor is not somebody I’d want to be friends with for reasons stated above.

    • I don’t even know where to start with you……it’s really sad that you give so much credit to this thing you have no proof of, this thing you only believe in because you are told to.
      All the credit should be given to the woman who goes through pregnancy, her family who supports her, and the medical staff that helps her through the pregnancy and delivery. Unicorns, hobbits, bigfoot, and god have nothing to do with it.

    • Why do you people always give credit to your god for life but never make him accountable for death? You suggest he gave Pink that child as a gift? Then why did he take so many African children from their mothers today that their graves were pre-dug in anticipation? God did NOT carry that child for nine months; Pink did. God did NOT have to have an emergency C-section to remove her from his womb; Pink did. God is not there with Pink and her husband every day changing diapers, feeding her, and nurturing her. In fact, God loved babies so much that he dashed them against stones and ripped them from their mothers wombs.

  2. I am happy you are content with your beliefs
    Wish you were more tolerant that other people are not the same as you
    And thats OK too
    and you can be content for them too

  3. Marlee, not everybody is as religious (in words) as you are perhabs?

    It is a beautiful and obviously loving family. I only wish Willow was wearing a helmet :o)

  4. No matter how good a rider he is and I’m sure he is, accidents can still happen that are unforeseen. Why take chances? The baby will soon get used to wearing a helmet.

  5. Maybe he is just thanking his wife because without her in the equation, he truly could not have his daughter. All debates about God aside.

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