Justin Bieber: “I Want To Be A Young Dad”

Justin Bieber says he wants to be a “young dad”. The pop star – who turned 18 on March 1 – answered questions from fans for MTV recently. He said that having a family is one goal he wants to achieve in ten years.

He said, “I see myself acting. I have some ideas right now I’m working on. I see myself in 10 years having a family. Twenty-eight, that’s a good time to really have a family ’cause I want to be a young dad. Maybe, [it’s a] long time away though. Don’t get any ideas, people. It’s not happening anytime soon.”

Bieber also says his life will change now that he’s 18.

Well, 18 requires a lot of responsibilities; moving out requires me to be alone, without my parents. So, legally, I can make any decision I want. My mom’s still going to be there, probably, calling me every day. Probably won’t be able to get away from her for too long. Eighteen’s going to be fun. I look forward to a lot of touring and a lot of spending time with my fans, so 18 is going to be a great year.”

Giving back is something he wants to do. He’s only been famous a short time and he’s already helping other young artists.

He shared, “Giving back is one of the most amazing things that I’m able to do with my career, just being able to pay it forward. I was signed by Usher, a fellow artist, and I was recently able to sign a girl named Carly Rae Jepsen, who has a single called “Call Me Maybe,” so she’s blowing up right now. It’s a great song. She’s great, so why don’t I help her get out of Canada?”

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  1. Being a father for the first time at 28 years old is not a young dad. I have no idea what he is smoking. 24 years old is ehh maybe young but any older than that you aren’t a young parent sorry.

  2. I have been a belieber for since the beginning and I think that, Justin is a amzing person let alone his singing and appping scills it should get him very far ! I love him so much and for all the haters grow up because you hate on him, yet hes one of the richest teens on this planet right now so go awy and stop hiding behind a computer screen! I love you JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1Belieber #BieberFever #Iā™„JustinBieber <3

  3. Hi I love justin. I don’t think he diserves haters they only hate cos they are jelous of what he’s got and how talented he is and he is already helping others out like Carly Rae jepson but not just to get people more famous but he visits the fans that are is hospitals and visits schools so all the haters are just jelous of that and his good looks!..

  4. OMG – seems like all young girls are freaking out now. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!
    Why does he even talk about that anyway?! Just to get some publicity or what?! I mean a ten-year-plan is al little bit naive – no offense, but who can do that? Especially at that age…

    • You realize that he most likely didn’t just call up MTV and start spouting off facts about when he wants kids without any prompting, right? He was probably specifically asked if he wants kids and when (who knows why any reporter would ask an 18 year old that, but oh well) and Justin is just answering the question.

      I know he is overrepresented and he doesn’t exactly make the best music, but he seems like a good guy, and I wish him the best.

  5. I’m not a Bieber fan, but for those saying that 28 is not a young dad, give the kid a break. 28 isn’t exactly an “old” dad either. Especially when you consider all the entertainers who become parents in their late 30’s early 40’s.

  6. Ok am I totally behind the times? Didn’t he get some girl pregnant awhile back? Did I dream that? Was it just a rumor?

  7. He didn’t say he wanted to have a baby at 28, he said that by that age, he’d like to have a family. That is definitely young by many standards if you’re looking at professional/career-driven people who plan to date someone for a while, get engaged, and spend a little time as a married couple before having kids. If you want to throw unplanned and teen pregnancies into the mix for comparison, then no, 28 isn’t necessarily young, but a guy that plans to be a dad by that age isn’t taking his time.

    Getting engaged by 24, married by 25 and having your first kid at 26 or 27 is DEFINITELY on the younger side here in NYC. I’m 25, and I know hardly anyone my age who is even remotely beginning to think about marriage. Everyone’s too busy establishing a career, working late hours, applying to grad school, or just enjoying the millions of fun things in the city for post-college 20-somethings. My friends back in the Midwest are more marriage and family oriented, buying houses, etc. You don’t usually enter the entertainment industry (or move to a city like New York) when a primary goal of yours is to be a parent at 26 or 27. Especially when people around you have their first kids at 35 or 40 and it’s no big deal.

  8. While he usually doesn’t bother me, I think teen stars should be on teen websites only. Let’s face it, is anyone over the age of twenty (which would probably be the public to CBS) really care about him. So, why?

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