Molly Sims Will “Definitely Include” Her Dogs In Her Upcoming Lifestyle Change

As any new parent knows, life sure does change when you have a baby. Things that used to be a priority – such as your pets – seems to temporarily fall to to the wayside as you struggle to adapt to your new lifestyle.

However, mom-to-be Molly Sims, 38, is confident her two prized Yorkie pooches Chloe and Poupette will not be left out when her new one arrives in June.

“I’m definitely going to include them,” Molly tells PEOPLE. “I know people say it’s all going to change, but I don’t want it to change – I want to include them.”

Although the actress – who is chronicling her pregnancy for her fans to follow on her official website at – is anticipating some jealousy among the furry bunch at the beginning, Molly is very excited to introduce her baby to them.

“I’m so glad the baby’s going to be able to talk back and have a conversation [with them],” she says. “Scott thinks I’m crazy.”

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