Shayne Lamas On Motherhood, Baby Name Choice, Famous Father Lorenzo Lamas

The Bachelor alum Shayne Lamas, 26, grew up in the Hollywood limelight with her famous father, soap star Lorenzo Lamas. Shayne recently became a first-time mom in November when she welcomed her daughter with husband Nik Richie, Press Dahl.

The new mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her new skincare line Lamas Organics, her unique baby name choice, and adjusting to motherhood: “it is a complete life change.” Shayne also talked about her younger sisters (Alexandra, Victoria and Isabella) whom she is “very, very, very close with,” their mother Shauna Sand who embarrasses the girls with her attire and is “MIA as far as a mother is concerned,” and her father’s 5th wife “Shawna #2” whom she has “no relationship with.” She goes on to say, “it is really devastating that my dad has been divorced so many times…I pray that he doesn’t have to go through that again.” Continue reading Shayne’s exclusive discussion with Celebrity Baby Scoop…

CBS: Tell us all about your new skincare line Lamas Organics. What inspired you to start it?

SL: “I was getting really frustrated because every month I was searching high and low for the best face product. I think all of us girls can relate to the fact that we have 250 products under our counter that we’ve used only once or twice! I’ve used everyone’s line…from Chanel to Clinique, you name it and I’ve used it. I was getting frustrated, because I just wanted to find face products that I could stay loyal to rather than use different kinds every month. Once I got pregnant, I wanted a really good face product.

Basically, Lamas Organics came from wanting to create my own line for myself. I never thought that it would be able to sell. I met with a fabulous designer, who has her own line in the Bellagio spas called Kimberly Parry. I said, ‘Can you please make me my own product with what I want inside of it? I am so frustrated! All I want is a face wash, a toner, oil, and that’s it! I don’t need fifty million confusing products.’ She agreed, and I was like, ‘While you’re at it, let’s create some stretchmark cream and baby bum butter.’

I was concerned about the Desitin that people put on their babies. I mean, what is that stuff really made of? When I found out what’s actually inside that cream, it freaked me out. Kimberly broke down what is in all these products that we’re using. Chanel has mineral oil. Do you know what mineral oil is? It’s literal sh*t, you know what I mean, sh*t oil. That’s what keeps the products preserved. That’s why everyone says, ‘Always look at the back of the lotions, and if it has mineral oil in it, it is not good quality.’

To make a long story short, I created five certified-Organic products, including a healing facial oil, a toner, stretchmark cream, and the baby bum butter. They all have the USDA Organics seal, making my line one of ten USDA Organic approved beauty lines on the market. My line has all the good stuff in it—the jojoba oil, the coconut, the rosemary, the pumpkin seed, all the great stuff!

The products also come in a beautiful black glass bottle. I made this line on my own, and then my sister, mom, and others around me all wanted to try these products that I created for myself. They all loved the products, and now here we are. I decided to take that leap of faith and sell something with my name on it, which is actually kind of daunting to me; I never really had any interest in doing it.”

CBS: Congrats on the arrival of Press Dahl! How is she doing? What’s her personality like?

SL: “She is exactly like me. Her birth date was five days after my birthday, so she is a Scorpio like her mother. She is three months old and like an old soul. I know everyone praises his or her child, but for some reason my baby just kind of gets it…she gets what’s going on around her. She’s a baby, and what comes with having an infant is all the same stuff.

As far as her personality goes, she is a strong, little, stubborn, confident baby—she’s just like her mother! I foresee that, which can be kind of scary. I mean, just knowing that somebody is repeating exactly who you are and what you are in life is kind of scary. I know I sometimes take huge leaps of faith, like marrying my husband after only knowing him for eight hours. If my daughter is just like me and takes those huge leaps of faith instead of staying on the safe side, it can be kind of scary. Her personality is becoming just like her mother’s.”

CBS: How was the birth? And did you have a good pregnancy? Would you like to have another baby soon?

SL: “My pregnancy was pretty simple and I had no complications. I literally took myself out of the world as I knew it and immersed myself into books about childcare, because I knew nothing about nothing. I was like, ‘Baby, what? How do I do any of this?’

I barely even tweeted. I totally went off the grid—I wouldn’t even look at my phone. I’d go like five days and then look back at my phone and answer emails. I was basically trying to be at peace and calm down.

Our pregnancy wasn’t expected; I was in the middle of this go-go-go crazy lifestyle. I had just gotten married and I went from this young, all-about-me lifestyle always wondering what am I doing next, where am I going, who am I seeing, what am I wearing, to ‘I’m pregnant, okay, now who am I?’ So I completely went off of the grid and focused on making sure I was healthy; I could have slept for days.

I don’t want to say it was like rehab because that doesn’t sound correct, but it was a very serene time in my life where I took a moment for myself and for my baby. I had a C-section and I think I have a high pain tolerance because once she was born, I was up that night, walking around and moving, changing her diaper, just right back to my old self.

It’s funny, because your mind changes when you are pregnant. All you think about is nesting – getting this together, getting that together, learning about this, learning about that. You don’t care about anything else really; you don’t care about what your hair looks like. It is really bizarre that your whole mind changes. I can’t even describe it.

Right when Press came out, it was like she had her own life now, and I had my own life back. It was very weird. I wasn’t me when I was pregnant; I was like this crazy mother trying to nest and get it all organized. It all went well, and the birth was perfect. I was so blessed.

In regard to having another baby soon, I don’t plan really and whatever is meant to be is meant to be. I think I will just leave it at that. If it was my choice and someone asked me if I wanted to get pregnant right now, I would say, ‘No, thank you. Ask me again next year.’ ”

CBS: How are you adjusting to motherhood? Has it been life-changing? Are you getting any rest?

SL: “There is no adjusting; it is a complete life change. I don’t even have the ability to adjust because it is not an option. Your life changes; it is trying to find ‘you’ again, because when you have a child your life is completely over as you once knew it. It is something that is unexplainable. From the way that I think to my actions, behaviors, and who I thought I was, it is completely different.

It is tough at times. It has only been three months, and the first three months of a newborn is really tiring, stressful, and crazy. I have had some wild days that I didn’t even know could happen. It is really scary. No one tells you that it is really scary and not fun the first two weeks. It’s like, ‘Who gave me this child and who let me leave the hospital with it?!’

I need a degree in childcare! I think that every woman that is pregnant needs a degree in childcare before they take home the baby.

In regard to getting rest, my baby wakes up once a night now and I am starting to get my rest back. I am the one that wakes up at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. while my husband sleeps like a little beauty. Sometimes I want to throw a pillow at him [laughs]. Since I brought Press home from the hospital, I have been the one that gets up at night. I think it is motherly instinct, like ‘Don’t touch my baby, I got it!’ ”

CBS: Our readers had quite the opinions about your baby name choice! How did you come up with Press Dahl’s name? Does the criticism get to you?

SL: “No one really knows this, and it’s funny because no one asks me and I would tell them if they just asked. Press’s name came because I was four months pregnant and hadn’t felt her kick yet. I was always wondering when that day would come. Every day my husband had a list with ten names, and he would say, ‘Okay, here are my ten names for the day.’ I would always respond with, ‘No, no, no, babe, why are you so adamant about picking her name? I am only four months pregnant, let’s just relax!’

I have always been the calm one. I would say, ‘It’ll come, I’ll know what her name is when I see it. I am not worried about it.’ He would respond with, ‘No, you will be in the labor room and she will be born without a name!’ I had to tell him to just trust me and relax. It was too much with the lists. Then family members were getting involved and saying, ‘No you should name her this and that, and this and that!’

When I was four months pregnant, we took a drive from L.A. to Napa Valley because I was a bridesmaid in my girlfriend’s wedding. We drove by the most beautiful restaurant I had ever seen. In bright, red cursive letters it said P-R-E-S-S. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! That is an awesome restaurant, let’s pull off and eat.’ So my husband and I ate at the restaurant called Press in Napa Valley, and low and behold while I was eating the baby kicked for the first time. It just came to me…I knew her name was to be Press, and that was that. It had nothing to do with the media and this or that; it really just came to me like that. So tell your readers to check out the restaurant called Press in Napa Valley, it was really good!

In regard to the criticism, it did not get to me. I think that people just don’t know where the name comes from, and they assume certain things. If they are in the know about how the name came about, then they understand it. I am not going to yell out the story about how I named my daughter just because you think the name is weird. If you ask me, I will tell you. I don’t care about the criticism, because they just don’t know. I do and my family does, and that is all that matters. The only thing that bothers me is when people ask me what my daughter’s name is and say, ‘Press, just Press?’ when I tell them the name. I hear it constantly. I always go, ‘Yes, just Press. Not Pressley, just Press.’

I guess it’s weird, I didn’t think it was, but I guess it is. If you are the kind of person that gets it, you get it. It’s a strong name, Press. I don’t think I have told anyone about where the name came from, because no one has asked me!”

CBS: You look amazing! How have you lost the baby weight? Did you feel the pressure to lose the baby weight?

SL: “I simply made no excuses for myself. I realized I wasn’t pregnant anymore and I had to get back in the swing of things. My whole wardrobe was really what made me put the Nikes on. I have this whole fabulous wardrobe that I stared at for nine months, just dreaming of the day that I would be able to wear my stuff again. The longer I procrastinated on getting back into shape, the longer I was going to have to wait to wear my wardrobe again. I think it literally was just my wardrobe! If I was not proactive about losing the weight, I would have had nothing to wear. I think it is that I love clothes and I have so many pieces that I die over [laughs]. It wasn’t my husband, and I didn’t do it for anyone else but my wardrobe [laughs].

I didn’t feel pressure to lose the baby weight from anyone. I don’t let anyone pressure me. If my husband says, ‘Oh, look at that!’ I am like, ‘Turn around darling! Let’s look at your bum and talk about it!’ [laughs]. So there was really no pressure. Losing the weight was for my own self.

As a woman, you succeed in life if you are confident. I feel least confident when I don’t feel good about myself, when I am feeling a little heavy on the right and left side, when I am not looking good and not taking care of myself. I want to succeed in life and I have to stay confident. Fitness is a great confidence-booster for any woman. It is the key to confidence – the number one thing that stands out with anyone is if they are unhappy. They just need to work out everyday!

However, not everyone has the time to work out everyday. I will let you in on a secret. My trick is: a chore a day keeps the cellulite away! You have to stay active and get creative when you don’t have time to work out. Everyday do a chore. Yesterday I was mopping the floor, and you know how you put down towels to dry it? I put the towels down and was swishing across the floor back and forth, doing lunges while drying the floor from one wall to the next wall. My husband walked in and was like, ‘I think the floor’s dry, and I think it’s good to go!’ [laughs]. The floor was clean and I got my workout in!

You can do anything—moving around, doing laundry, vacuuming. And it burns calories and keeps you active. You don’t have to get a trainer and spend five hours at the gym. You have to get creative and think.”

CBS: Your dad is soap star Lorenzo Lamas. What was it like growing up with him as a dad? Are you close with your sisters: Alexandra, Victoria & Isabella? Do you get to see them often, or is there tension between your dad and his ex Shauna Sand? Do you worry about them dressing like their mom?

SL:”Growing up with my dad was kind of surreal to how my sisters are growing up with him as a dad. When I was little, he was at the top of his career. We would go to Disneyland, and he would be mobbed like Michael Jackson. I remember thinking that it was normal. I grew up around it and grew up in the entertainment business with my grandparents. He was a great dad. My parents were divorced, and I wish that he was involved in my life a little more. I got older and he apologized for not being so involved in my life. I think he realized with his little ones – my little sisters – what he missed out on in my childhood. He is giving that to them, which is amazing. Other than that, my dad and I have a great relationship and a special bond.

I am very, very, very close with my sisters Alexandra, Victoria, and Isabella. They call me for anything, and I am there in a flash if they need me.

When my dad divorced Shauna Sand, their mother, I moved in with my dad my last year of high school and I helped raise them for two years. I have been with them a lot and I am very close with them and my sister, Dakota. I am the big sister and I need to keep them all in line over there. They are all growing up now and starting to freak me out. They will be running around Hollywood in no time. I will be driving to these nightclubs, at 2 a.m. going, ‘Get in the car! Are you kidding me?!’ [laughs]. I will try my best to not allow it.

In regard to how often I see my sisters, my dad and Shauna Sand don’t hate each other, they just do not drive together.

I see my sisters when they are with my dad, which is pretty much 99% of the time. Shauna is MIA as far as a mother is concerned. They are with my dad a lot, and they come down and stay with me, my husband, and my baby.

Sometimes I will have Alex come down for the weekend when I have all three of them over, my house is turned upside-down.

I don’t worry about my sisters dressing like their mom, because they are embarrassed of it.

I remember when my mom would wear crazy things like fringe that I thought wasn’t cool back in the day and I was embarrassed, that is how they are. She is their mother and they love their mother, but they look at her like, ‘Oh my gosh, what are you wearing? You are not taking me to school in that!’

As they are getting older, they are now putting their foot down and saying, ‘You cannot come to school in that and that.’ I think it is good and also a little bit sad that someone has to tell her mother that she cannot come to school in that. It is sad, like, how does that even happen? She just didn’t get the maternal instinct. Either that, or she is just psycho, both of those are true. I am not making anything up here, so I don’t know what to say.”

CBS: We saw those great photos of you at your dad’s 5th wedding in Mexico. Do you get along well with his new wife?

SL: “That’s a tricky question. I wish Shawna #2 and I had a relationship, but we don’t. There is no relationship. She doesn’t contact me, I don’t contact her, we don’t have anything in common. The last time I saw her was when Press was born. She and my dad came to the hospital for, like, minute.

She is young and doing her thing. She is younger than I am! I wish we had more of a relationship, because it is kind of a bummer. If she makes my dad happy, then fine, I really don’t have anything in common with her. There is really no relationship there, maybe in a few years down the line. If she makes my dad happy, so be it.

I really don’t know what the intentions are, vice versa. To be honest, I don’t have a relationship with her. There is nothing to go on, I don’t even really know her. At the end of the day, if she makes my dad happy then fine, but I really don’t think that they had to take the plunge of marriage and all that.

I tell them this straight to their faces. I am really honest with my dad and he knows that. I am honest with her and I think that I intimidate her just a little bit, so maybe that is why she shies away from our relationship a little bit, or it is all bullsh*t, I don’t know. My dad’s happy as I know it, so I wish them the best. It is really devastating that my dad has been divorced so many times, as it is such a harsh thing to go through. I pray that he doesn’t have to go through that again.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

SL: “I am trying to organize what’s on my plate right now. I have so many projects that are on my plate and I am so full with a lot of things that are going on. I am slowly but surely getting back into my life and my career. What I decided when I was pregnant and took a moment away from the media and entertainment business, is that the whole reality thing flipped my life upside-down just a little bit. I never had been so put out there in that way.

I studied acting all my life and graduated in arts. I studied everything form Howard Fine to Meisner, I was literally on the cusp of that in my career. I remember it was between me and Blake Lively for Gossip Girl, and a week after Blake got it, the writer’s strike happened. So right when I was just about to break through a little bit, my career kind of stalled.

That is when I was approached to do The Bachelor, and the rest is history. I am really trying to get back to my roots where my grandfather Fernando Lamas made our name respected. I am trying to get back to the whole acting and arts part more or less, not so much the entertainment, celebrity, and fame aspect of it.

How I grew up, you go to an event to promote a project. You don’t go to an event to promote your baby, you know what I mean? I am about to start going out for pilot season and stuff like that. I hate saying ‘I will start acting’ because I have been an actress. I will just prove it to others. One day I will end up on their favorite television show and they will be like, ‘Oh wow, she actually can act!’ The blond hair can really put a damper on someone’s acting career! You kind of have to dig deep on that one.”


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  1. She just reminded me of how young 26 is. Not related to the name choice, just how she speaks in the interview is very much the way a young girl speaks. That said after reading the story I still am not a fan of the name, but it’s not my child and it doesn’t really matter. But she’s a very cute one, Press is!

  2. “If it was my choice and someone asked me if I wanted to get pregnant right now, I would say, ‘No, thank you. Ask me again next year.’ ”

    If it was your choice?? It is dumb*ss. It’s called birth control.

  3. She needs to be a little careful about talking about the “s***” that’s in other products by name. There is such a thing as commercial slander and Johnson & Johnson and Proctor & Gamble will not be amused.

    • Haha, you can’t be sued for slander if what you’re saying is a fact. Mineral Oil is a low quality product that is actually quite bad for your skin, and these companies use it.

  4. What a beautiful baby! I loved you on The Bachelor, and I can’t wait to test out your organic skincare line! 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful baby! Huge props to the interviewer. It must have been difficult to hear Shayne say all of that then have to edit and write it!! Way to go!! Shayne is young, she will learn in time how to talk….I hope.

  6. shayne co sie przejmujesz głupimi ludzmi twoje dziecko twoja sprawajak ją nazwałas ty nie wybierałasw imion dla ich dzieci to one niech sie nie wtrącają w twoich spraw pres to najpiękniejsze imie


  8. You people are ridiculous. She IS a young girl, so sue her for talking like one. However, she is doing the best she can. She is beautiful, has fame, and a husband she loves. And she is a young mom. I bet you all are a bunch of old farts who are jealous that such a young, STUNNING girl can be a mother AND a hot mama at the same time. On an additional note- Shayne, I truly believe that you would have been wonderful on Gossip Girl. I have watched every season of the show, and I am a huge fan. I still, however, feel as though you would have played the part of Serena Van der Woodsen MUCH better than Blake Lively. Don’t give up on your dreams Shayne! And don’t listen to what these people have to say! You can have it ALL! You are still young…. Xoxo

  9. shayne to bardzo mądra dziewczyna ona bardzo jest inteligetna jej mała księzniczka jest bardzo podobna do niej a te stare prukwy i krowy co ją obrazają powinni jej podziekowac i byc wdzięczni za to ze wyprudokowała kosmetyki naturalne i nie szkodliwe dl matek i dzieci ani jeszcze ją obrażac

  10. shayne kiedy nagrasz swoje reallty show bo tylko twoje programy są wart oglądania reszta to beznadziejne nudne flaki

  11. shayne is a liar! on her website she said that her unborn child was getting so much press that they started joking calling her press baby.and when they discovered the sex of the child the name stuck as press.she tells the story on her web site archives september 30,2011.

  12. That is one of the cutest babies ever…but no surprise there as Shayne is GORGEOUS and her husband is oh-so-SEXY. And I love how apparent their love for one another is. xoxo to the Lamas family!

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