Kim Kardashian & Mason: Tennis Time

Television personality Kim Kardashian recently uploaded this snapshot of herself and her adorable 2-year-old nephew Mason engaging in a fun – and stylish – game of tennis. The sweet tot – who donned a pair of white shades for today’s activity – hung on tightly to his auntie as the pair prepared to win the match.

The sexy socialite wrote, “Mason wanted to play tennis too!”

Is Kim adopting a baby on her own? Sources close to the reality TV star say yes.

“Kim has always been very maternal,” an insider tells OK! magazine. “Of the three sisters, she’s the one who’s been saying that she’s ready for kids the longest.”

“It’s all top secret, but the adoption is already underway,” the source continues. “Kim is ready. She’s made inquiries and gotten information; now she just has to decide where she wants the baby to come from.”

Haiti is at the top of her list, but she’s also drawn to China because of the sheer number of little girls up for adoption there. Kim definitely wants to adopt a little girl. Her mother wants Kim to adopt a baby from the Republic of Armenia. They still have roots there, and it would bring a lot of attention to that country — which has been ravaged by war for decades.”

Although little sister Khloé Kardashian is “pretty much 100% against it,” Kim is reportedly determined to go through with her adoption plans.

“Kim just wants to be a mother so badly,” the insider reveals. “She has the money to do what she wants; she doesn’t need a man to take care of her or her baby.”


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    • I thought the same thing! If nobody likes her why are her pictures still being posted?? Babyscoop should listen to its viewers and maybe start a NEW trend-no Kardashians!!!

  1. Can this possibly be safe for the little boy, to be in his mother’s arms during even a playful bit of tennis and in such close proximity to a moving tennis ball and his mother’s racket?

  2. Kim is NOT Mason’s mother.

    If she wanted Mason to play tennis too, then put him down and let him take a swing.

  3. I second the ‘no kardashian’ motion! She is risking dropping her nephew in order to get a photo and attention. Selfish, selfish!

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