Sarah Jessica Parker & Tabitha: College Day

Sarah Jessica Parker and her daughter Tabitha, 2, were caught in a mother-daughter moment as they left Columbia University on Friday (March 9). Tabitha’s twin sister Loretta wasn’t with them on this outing, which may explain the tears in a few of the photos.

The actress frequently takes her daughters to the the college campus’ playhouse, which is walking distance from the family’s home in the city.

And speaking of city dwellings, Sarah’s Carrie Bradshaw character from Sex And The City will have to find some new digs: the four-story, 4,100-square-foot townhouse on Perry Street in the West Village that played the part of the chic, rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is up for sale.

But all that fashion and nostalgia comes at a price: reports are that the asking price for the house is a cool $9.65 million. That’s a lot of Manolos!

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  1. The baby is crying because the outfit she is dressed in is hideous! Tabitha would probably do a better job if the Broderick-Parker’s let her dress herself! And SJP is a *fashion icon* BARF! And save yourselves the effort haters. How do I KNOW the child did not dress herself? NO 2 year old would put virtual socks on herself! They aren’t socks, and they aren’t leg warmers! They serve NO purpose. Socks protect the poor little feet shoved into the shoes. The bloomers- the english jackets…the twins look like urchins from the Dickens era. Let them live 2012!

    • Ok, ease up, Anon. The bloomers and Jackets aren’t that bad. Though, I do agree that whatever the heck is on her legs is ridiculous. At least the rest of her clothing serves a purpose. Those purple things are incredibly random.

  2. They live in the Village, not near Columbia. What I want to know is why those two poor little girls are always out in the winter with bare legs! Right there she has a stupid little pair of leg “warmers” or something on, with no socks and no tights. It was windy and chilly in Manhattan today, I wore my full-length down jacket. I doubt it got out of the 40s. Today my three-year-old wore ankle-length leggings, socks, sneakers, a jumper, a long-sleeved shirt, and a down jacket. She wasn’t over heated, either.

    • Well, it’s obviously because you’re a better mother than she is. I bet if you petitioned a court now, you could have custody before the month is out.

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