Tori Spelling: “We’d Definitely Like To Try For A Fourth”

Reality TV stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their third child Hattie Margaret in October, and the proud mama opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their hopes for an even bigger family. “We’d definitely like to try for a fourth,” Tori tells us.

The busy mom-of-three also talks about her new craft line and upcoming book titled celebraTORI, her kids Liam, nearly 5, and Stella, 3, and her late father Aaron Spelling who passed down his hard work ethic. Tori also shares that her once-troubled relationship with her mother Candy Spelling is now stronger than ever: “It’s so nice to be at this good place with her now.”

CBS: Tell us all about your new craft line.

TS: “I’ve been an avid crafter my entire life! I call myself a ‘craftista’ because it’s one of my main passions. Since I’ve been with HSN for almost 6 years now with my jewelry line (which is another passion) I’ve been talking on-and-off about wanting to do crafts. So finally I came out with a line and I’m really excited about it.

I think all moms and women are busy out there and the idea of crafting sounds great in theory. But people think you have to have the perfect vision of crafting, and moms don’t have time for these perfect crafting projects! But it’s not true. Crafting is for every woman and I wanted to modernize the crafting world so I came out with easy-to-do kits.

I like packaging things and presenting things with a name and a look. So I put things into kits because it can be overwhelming. Going into a store like Michaels is overwhelming — even for me and I know what I’m doing. There’s just so much to choose from and when you get home you realize, ‘I didn’t need all of this.’ So my kits are for specific things and it keeps it consolidated. It makes it easier for women to do and go back to.”

CBS: You are a workhorse! How did you come from extreme privilege and living in the biggest mansion in Beverly Hills, to being the hardest working mom and celebrity in Hollywood?

TS: “Thank you! I think I get it from my dad. My dad was a workhorse. He just worked, and worked, and worked. And yet I was always so impressed how he always had time for us. He would come home from a 12-hour day and still have time for us. On the weekends he would get his work done, like piles of scripts, while playing with us in the pool and tossing us around. That’s pretty amazing and I definitely get my work ethic from him.

And I believe if you love everything that you do, then you just want to do more of it. It just works together, and that’s how it’s happened in my life. I don’t do anything anymore if it’s not a passion of mine. If I’m passionate about it, I can do most of it from home and be with my kids and I can involve them in the process.”

CBS: You also have another book coming out in April called CelebraTORI. Tell us all abou it.

TS: “I love throwing parties! Anyone that knows me and watches my show knows that, so I was really excited to put a book together. I’ve read every party-planning book out there and I’m usually really disappointed because I’ll skim through them, pay for it, and bring it home and they kind of take you through the parties that they’ve set up, but it wasn’t necessarily a party I was interested in. So that was a concern of mine and I really wanted to do a book that takes people through the whole process of party-planning.

It shows people how to do things on a budget because that’s really important. Then I actually take people through four parties that I set up because I couldn’t resist. But if you don’t want to do those parties, that’s great because you have a book full of stuff like recipes and decor ideas. It really shows you how to throw a great party and you don’t have to pay a million bucks.”

CBS: Are you throwing Liam’s birthday party this weekend? What will the theme be this year?

TS: “It will be the next weekend because I’m filming in Utah right now and we’re all here. Liam this year chose SpongeBob SquarePants, so we’re going to do it on the beach and we’re going to create bikini bottoms and we’re going to have krabby patties. I’m really excited, this is such a fun theme to work with. It’s a lot of fun.”

CBS: Have you got the girls’ birthday parties all figured out for later this year as well?

TS: “Not yet. Stella usually wants something really girlie, but this year she said, ‘Wait Liam is having SpongeBob, well I want Sponge Bob!’ I’m like, ‘You’re not going to want a SpongeBob party.’ I’m like, ‘By the time it’s your birthday in June, you’re going to want something like Barbie or Strawberry Shortcake.’ And she’s just like, ‘No, I think it’s going to be SpongeBob.’ So I think we’ll just have to ride that one out.”

CBS: How are the kids doing?

TS: “They’re great! And they’re so good with Hattie; she’s almost 5-months now. Liam is all over her every morning. He wants to feed her, and play with her, and Stella likes to dress her. So it’s a good combination.”

CBS: What kind of a baby is she?

TS: “She’s a really easy baby. I think by the time you get to your third, they’re born just kind of knowing they have to fit in. At least that’s the experience we’ve had. Liam was super calm, Stella was a screamer and cried all the time as a newborn, and Hattie just goes with the flow because she has to! The other two are running around, they’re screaming and she’s sleeping through it. She’s just awesome.”

CBS: What’s the biggest life change since baby No. 3 came along?

TS: “When I had two, I looked at the situation differently. Now that I have three, I look down and go, ‘I have a clan!’ It’s just so amazing to see the three lives we’ve created. I wish I had more time for exercise. I’m definitely busier with three, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

CBS: How are you feeling about the weight loss after baby No. 3?

TS: “I’m feeling really good about the way I look. After having Hattie, I wasn’t worried about losing the weight at all. I just thought people would have to understand that I’ve had three children. Now that I’m taping a TV movie, there’s definitely pressure to lose the weight. I just ask the camera crew to tape above my waist and the wardrobe people to be aware that I still have my baby belly.”

CBS: Are you guys working on baby No. 4 yet?

TS: “Not yet. Stella came so quickly after Liam because she was a surprise. So we won’t be trying right away. But we’d definitely like to try for a fourth. I always wanted a big family and our dreams are coming true. I’d like to wait until Hattie is at least a year until we start trying again. But we’ll see – you just never know.”

CBS: How did you spend summers as a kid? What are your favorite summer memories?

TS: “Everyone always asks me if I flew all over the world as a child. But the truth is, my dad was afraid to fly. So we drove to Vegas for a month every summer! And this was before Vegas was kid-friendly. I really have to hand it to my mom for always finding fun things for us to do in Vegas.”

CBS: How are things going with your mom?

TS: “Really well. Now that I’m a mom, I have a different perspective on our relationship and a deeper understanding of her. She just loves being a grandmother and the kids adore her. It’s so nice to be at this good place with her now.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

TS: “I have a couple exciting things coming up that I can’t announce just yet. But my crafting kits and my book are in the near future and I’m so excited about both.”


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  1. “You are a workhouse!” – I believe the word you’re looking for is workhorse. Unless you’re saying she is a prison.

    • We can’t assume that he is left out of their lives, just because he isn’t mentioned in interviews. This interview was done by Tori, and since she is his stepmother, it’s not necessarily her place to talk about Jack. I’ve heard his mother mention in the past that she did not want Jack involved in Dean & Tori’s reality show, so that might extend to being mentioned in interviews. If that’s the case, then we can be grateful Tori respects those wishes. Also, Jack is a big teenager now (as big or maybe bigger than Dean now), and he might not want to be talked about in magazines either. So let’s not assume that because he is never talked about, that he isn’t loved. 🙂

  2. you guys are mean.

    I love Tori, and her family. I think she’s the least phony out of all these celebrity reality shows.

    • Least phony? Their entire life is built on publicity. Every move their children make is for public consumption. Their children should be taken away from them.

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