Madonna: “It’s Hard Work Having Four Kids”

Madonna has admitted that raising Rocco, 12, Lourdes, 15, David, 6, and Mercy, 5, has been hard work.

She told The Sun, “I’m not going to lie – it’s hard work having four kids and doing all the work I do. Everybody has something to say about the way I live my life. At the end of the day I’m doing my best. If people don’t like it, then that’s really their problem. Sometimes I cope with it very well, sometimes it’s a struggle. It’s a challenge juggling everything – multi-tasking is my middle name.”

With her new album MDNA coming out – she doesn’t want her kids to listen to some of the tracks, including I F***** Up and Gang Bang.

She explained, “Every time I get in the car the radio is on. It’s quite shocking that my five and six-year-old children know the words to every single song on the radio. They haven’t heard my entire album, they definitely haven’t heard Gang Bang. I doubt that will ever get played on the radio.”

With Lourdes doing the background vocals on the track Superstar, people in the music industry are taking note.

Madonna says, “Yes, she’s my background singer. She just came over to the studio that day. Then I said, ‘Oh, can you sing this part?’ and she agreed to. She has a very good voice. She’s quite shy about it and won’t admit it. Lots of people are knocking on my door to meet her about everything, movies and what-not.”

As for life at home she insists they’re like any other family.

We just try to have as normal a life as possible. My life with them at home is really just about schoolwork and health and the after-school lessons just like everybody else. Most of them go to a French school. My French is not very impressive, but it’s good enough. Everyone in my house speaks perfect French but me. I’m getting better at understanding when they’re not talking about their homework. I’m now picking up things and saying, ‘What did you say?’. I know the necessary swear words, so they have to be careful.”


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  1. It’s hard to feel sorry for her. I am sure she has a ton of help and if her work were infringing on her ability to parent then she can certainly afford to cut back. She is selfish.

    • Huh? Where does she say she’s asking to feel sorry for her? She’s not complaining, just explaining that it’s not easy. You’re reading way more into what she said than she actually said.

      • The following comment sounds to me like a complaint:

        “I’m not going to lie – it’s hard work having four kids and doing all the work I do… Sometimes I cope with it very well, sometimes it’s a struggle. It’s a challenge juggling everything – multi-tasking is my middle name.”

        My point was that if it is such a struggle then cut back on the things that aren’t necessary like working when you already have $100M dollars in the bank. I work because I have to . If I had that much money in the bank, I would not be struggling to raise my kids. Having money gives you lots of free time. If she chooses to not use that time to spend more time with her kids than that is certainly her choice.

        • Raising your children does not have anything to do with how much money one makes. Money affords a roof and food on the table, but ultimately its about the time and energy you spend with your child. Madonna certainly wasn’t born into money and has worked very hard for the money and legacy she has built for herself and her children’s futures. Besides, you also have to figure in the different lifestyle and challenges that a celebrity parent has to battle that a regular does not… Im pretty sure its not easy to have to worry about the paparazzi harassing her children as well as the stalkers that break into your home, like Madonna has to on a daily basis. Point being, maybe we shouldn’t just sit back and judge another because they have a pile of money in the bank and instead have an understanding of the fact that each of has a different journey, but ultimately parenting is a tough, but very rewarding job for everyone!!

    • She has cut back. For a decade she didn’t tour while her children had school. She only toured every couple of years and only while they were on break. She scheduled her career around them and she’s done less than she used to, but does that mean she should give up her career? Being artistic, creative, and productive makes her happy and thus a better parent. Do you ask the same of Guy Ritchie (or any other man) who has continued to work after having children? He even missed his own new son’s birth last year. He sees his sons with Madonna only a few times a year when she usually takes them to him in London, yet he could see them more often if he only traveled to New York to do so. However, he has no problem flying all the way from London to Los Angeles to party with Hollywood friends or to Las Vegas to gamble. Now that’s what I call selfish, but it’s his choice anyway.

      Madonna has help, she’s never denied it, in fact, she’s probably one of the most honest about it. That doesn’t mean she isn’t very involved and that being a parent to four children is easy and not a struggle. Her level of fame is extraordinary; that brings along with it added pressures and issues that others don’t have to deal with. It’s not only about money.

  2. She is a single parent with a busy career. I know people will say she has nannies, blah, blah, but they are just child minders. They’re not handling the discipline or the responsibilities raising four children brings. But I’m sure there are many rewards too.

    • No, nannies are not just child minders. I used to work as a nanny, and it’s much more than just child minding. And yes, I was in charge of disciplining the children and, depending on how involved the parents were, I was responsible for raising them. In one case the parents were still extremely involved and I only had some of the responsibilities of raising the children, and in other cases the parents were totally uninvolved and I was doing 95% of the raising.

      It’s kind of offensive to belittle the valuable work that nannies do by saying they’re “just child minders.”

      • I second that – fed up celebs bleating on about their lives when it’s the people in the background doing all the hardwork!

      • I agree with you Grace. I too nannied and unfortunately you frequently end up doing a lot of raising the kids. As far as Madonna, I know someone that interviewed for the nanny position for David. She has a nanny per child. When she comes into the room the nanny has to stand by the door and wait till she is done.

        • This is a lie. She doesn’t have a nanny per child, nor does she do what you’re saying. This person wouldn’t be privy to any of that information simply by interviewing and if she had actually landed the job she would’ve signed an iron-clad confidentiality agreement, which would’ve been breached by speaking to you and would be grounds for a major lawsuit. David doesn’t have his own nanny either. The kind of nonsense people come up with to bash anyone.

  3. People can say whatever they want about her, but she seems to have done a great job as a mother. Her kids don’t seem to be spoiled at all. She is one of the most famous women on earth and yet she managed to keep them out of the spotlight.

    • Their have been a lot more pictures of her kids in the last 2 years nothing close to Garner,Abla or Heidi Klum’s kids.

      I wouldn’t give all the credit to Madonna for the way her kids turned out good or bad because Guy Ritchie and Carlos Leon are both very active fathers in their kids lives.

      • I would definitely give a lot of the credit to Madonna though I’m not saying it’s only her. Guy sees his sons only a few weeks a year and he’s very “passive” in his approach, letting them do as they please when he has them over. He’s stated he doesn’t really believe in stressing education, hard work, or anything like that. He has had a very privileged upbringing and didn’t have to struggle in that respect, whereas Madonna came from a little more humble background, went to NY alone where she struggled until she made a career for herself–so I can see how that has affected their styles. Madonna is with them every day, believes education is very important, tries to have them earn things, and she has full custody of all four children. While Carlos is more involved than Guy, he credits Madonna for the parenting and disciplining. He has said great things about her as a person and parent, but he’s also said that he has a harder time saying no to his daughter so he leaves more up to Madonna in that respect.

  4. What IS really hard work is being a single parent or grandparent of a child who has a parent away in a foreign country fighting for our freedom and no support to deal with that obstacle everyday.

    • I really hate when people say this. Is there nobody on the planet whose stress equals that? Probably, so does that mean the ENTIRE world can never comment on hard something is because it’s not as hard as that?! Geez…

      (Besides, at least in the USA, fighting for your country is VOLUNTARY!)

  5. Let Madonna live in my shoes. I work full time on a very basic wage, I have no cooks, gardeners, assistants, cleaners to help me and my son. I come home from work and cook, help my son with homework and then clean up after dinner. I have an hour of rest then its bed time. My weekends are spent washing clothes, grocery shopping and cleaning the house and the garden. I live pay check to pay check.

    When celebrities start talking about how tough it is to be a single parent I just want to yell. They have not experienced the hardship of a single parent until they have lived the life or an ordinary woman.

    Also saying all that I think I have raised my son into being a great teenager. He is smart and always at the top of his class, he is polite and well mannered. He understands the value of money and doesn’t ask to spend it on rubbish. If he continues this way he will grow up to be a great man and unlike his father will be a great dad.

    • You’re forgetting that Madonna isn’t simply supporting herself. Her entire “career” is an operation with hundreds of employees. If she doesn’t make money, those people are out of a job.

      That’s one stress you don’t have.

  6. I think what she meant to say is it’s hard work to have to stop thinking about yourself for 5 seconds to give orders to your small army of nannies about the kids that is until the paparazzi is around in which case you strategically pose with the children to make it look like you’re just a a regular, everyday mom out doing the shopping and chores like you do everyday. Uh huh. Sure. And, before you all call me a hater, if I had the money I’d have a small army of nannies too.

  7. I think she is a great mom. She has nannies to help, not to be the mother of her kids. She doesn’t have a regular job: albuns, movies,rehearsal, tours around the world etc.. and even so her children are w/ her all the time, wherever she is. the kids children seem to be well behaviors too

  8. Some of the comments are just filled with envy and hate. You’re coming to a celebrity site where celebrities talk about their lives and children. This isn’t a site about Joe and Jane Smith. She’s not complaining or feeling sorry for herself, she’s just being honest. She came from nothing and worked (and continues to work) hard to achieve all that she has. She has never denied having help, but she runs companies, has a couple careers, and four children which she parents mostly alone. While Carlos is more involved with Lourdes than Guy is with his sons, who he sees only a few times a year during their school breaks, they both have more passive approaches when they do see their children and leave the disciplining and parenting up to Madonna. They have basically admitted that all the major decisions and the daily issues are left up to her. Her family has to also deal with fame, other pressures, and all that comes with that. She’s not saying her problems or struggles are worse than that of others, but why would she lie and say everything is so easy and perfect? People who say that kind of stuff are just fake and do nobody any favors giving an allusion that somehow perfection in relationships or life actually exists. I prefer that Madonna’s honest about things and that has pretty much always been her approach.

    • It’s not envy or hate to point out that a celebrity has lost touch with reality. Most of them have. It’s kind of ridiculous that any time someone on one of these sites uses critical thinking skills and points out that a celebrity is saying things that don’t make sense, someone responds with some variation on “you’re jealous haters.” No, we’re not. We just aren’t snowed by the “I’m just like you” b.s. that a lot of celebrities like to peddle. And it’s sad to see so many people that do fall for that.

      • “At the end of the day I’m doing my best. If people don’t like it, then that’s really their problem.” ~ Madonna

      • She is NOT saying she’s just like you and that she schleps to the laundromat every Saturday. She’s not trying to portray herself as anything she isn’t. In fact, she’s been pretty honest over the years. She’s talking about HER struggles and HER issues, some of which might be issues that others may or may not have. She’s being upfront about HER life, regardless of whether YOU can identify with it or not. Whether YOU think her issues and struggles are worthy enough or not is besides the point she is making. And yes, some comments are seething with envy and bitterness.

  9. Well said. It drives me crazy too when I read about celebrities complaining about how hard it is to balance their work and a job. Give me a break!

  10. First let me just say that parenting is the hardest job every! But lets not sit around and be nagging little trolls because your just unhappy that your life hasn’t granted you the affordability to hire as much help as you need! Madonna didn’t do anything wrong. She is rich. She can do as she wishes. So when anyone else sits there and says, “ha what does she know about struggling, try being a single parent working 2 jobs!” Guess what? That’s not Madonna’s problem!
    I’m sure if any of you struggling moms were to come into some big money at any given moment you would make sure that you had some “me” time. There isn’t one parent that at one point or another doesn’t hire a babysitter to have a night out.
    Not all parents want to work. But many like too. It gives them some freedom and independence. Some people who don’t work and stay home tend to start feeling like they are not doing anything with their lives and sink into a depression. While others LOVE every minute of being home with their kids.
    Everyone is different. And no matter how someone chooses to raise their kids really is nobody’s business.
    They may have been lucky to have had great careers to hire extra helping hands but that doesn’t mean they still don’t know what it’s like to be a parent and deal with all that comes with it.

  11. “She hasn’t had a legitimate career in years.” And you are FOS. She has broken a lot of records just in the past 10 years, even on her last tour in 2008-2009. She’s made successful and influential music, albums, and tours in the last decade. There’s even someone who has made a career out of recreating Madonna’s career. Where to even begin with the mess that is the rest of your comment. It’s not even worth it, not matter how many times you agree with yourself.

    It’s quite obvious by your extensive and hate-filled comment that you are WAY TOO invested in Madonna. It’s as if you dedicate so much of your life simply to find excuses to hate her. You remind me of someone named Amanda, a known troll of over a decade who writes just like you and who has no life, but clings onto Madonna’s every move in order to attack it. She gets “pleasure” out of perceived failures and missteps and flips out when any praise or positive comments are made about Madonna. Sad existence.

    Get some fresh air and start living.

  12. I’m sure some of you were having restless nights wondering if Bigolhomo would end up at the Madonna show. Well, she added more LA shows and I got tickets to the Anaheim Pond show on June2. Yay! There still seem to be tickets available in all price ranges for this show right now, so if anyone missed out, you can probably still get some.

  13. You clearly have enough time in your life and interest in Madonna to write such long piece. I am pretty sure Madonna is far busier then you to be bothered to read let alone write comments concerning other people, because unlike you, it seems that she has a life (and what a glamorous life it is indeed), and you are nothing but jealous, envious poor woman. At least I have never read or heard Madonna expressing so much jealousy and hatred against someone like you just have. On that note, she seems to be a better person then you already.

  14. Why many of u chose to be so negative towards Madonna comes from jealousy. Madonna because of her wealth was able to adopt 2 children. Her adopting 2 Children shows a person with a warm loving giving heart. Money isnt everything. The best things in life are free. Instead of hating on Madonna why dont u reflect for a moment how lucky and fortunate u are to have been given the miracle of a child. Many are no so fortunate. Woman we need to empower each other n stand together. God Bless

  15. Having four kids is a difficult job for anyone, and I completely understand. I have seven children and a small business that I work from home. Working from home makes it a little easier, but children are a full-time job and a part-time job. I think it is absolutely wonderful that Madonna has had an amazing career, and is a fabulous mother. She is truly blessed.

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