Denise Richards Recites Her Parenting Rules

As in every family, we all have our own specific set of rules and regimes when it comes to raising our children. Whether it be a prompt and structured bedtime routine or instilling a love of the outdoors, a parent’s job is to make sure your child(ren) grow up with a sense of stability, respect, and appreciation for people and the world we live in.

Mama-of-three Denise Richards is no stranger to this. The actress recently blogged about one of her parenting rules – dubbed the “Two Activities Rule” – that she believes help mold her two eldest daughters Sam, 8, and Lola, 6, into well-rounded, well-adjusted kids.

“At all times my girls must be involved in two activities—one physical and one creative,” the busy mom writes on her site “Once they choose their activities, they have to stick with them until the end of the season or session we signed up for.”

“If they decide they don’t like them after that, they can choose another for next time,” she continues. “Right now Sami is doing soccer and chorus and Lola is doing chorus and ballet.”

Denise also goes on to list some excellent examples of extra-curricular activities any parent can involve their child(ren) in, including basketball, drama or girl/boy scouts.

“And don’t forget,” she continues. “If money is an issue, there are always lots of inexpensive ways to get your kids involved through school or local community center.”

If you’re a parent, please share your #1 rule for your child(ren).

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  1. every weekend, we have special “mommy/daughter” time. as a single mom to a 3 year old, who’s father lives 3,000 miles away, i am very busy and feel like i never rest. during the week we are always on the go. but every weekend – usually on saturday mornings – we make breakfast together, do crafts (finger painting is a favorite lately), go for a walk, go to the park, etc. the only rules are 1. NO TV/MOVIES and 2. WE DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY. the first rule is for obvious reasons. it’s hard to spend time together if we’re both glued to the tv screen. and 2. it’s not because i don’t WANT to spend money on her, i’ve just found that spending 3-4 hours together doing something other than shopping, is better for us. we talk about whatever she wants to talk about, we dance, we get creative. last weekend we built a “fort” using the dining room table and read stories with a flashlight, did shadow puppets, etc. and for this weekend – i’ve been saving paper towel/toilet paper rolls for quite a while and we’re going to decorate them using glitter, pipe cleaners, feathers, beads, etc and decorate our own “binoculars” and go “hunting for treasure” (aka golden chocolate coins).

    i like to think that our special day every week helps her get the one-on-one time i know she goes without a lot of the time, but idk. i guess only time will tell.

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