Patrick Schwarzenegger Feels Good After Skiing Injury

Patrick Schwarzenegger has showed off his bloody injury after suffering a skiing accident. The 18-year-old was hospitalized on Saturday but returned to the slopes in Sun Valley, Idaho on Sunday.

He posted a nasty cut on his backside on Twitter and wrote updates.

He wrote: “Little ski accident today. Some bruises and stitches down back and butt. Thanks to sun valley doctors for everything.”

Later he sent his thanks.

Appreciate all the messages, love all you. I’m actually feeling really good today, and I even went skiing again today. Thanks again!!”

His parents Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger should be breathing a sigh of relief!


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    • Damn, this kid needs to give twitter a rest and stop broadcasting his every move and bowel movement to the general public. Talk about an attention seeker.

      • He is not the only teen over using twitter. My daugthers’ friends are on twitter non stop giving blow by blow details of their lives and they are not even famous/celebrities. So basically the whole world is full of attention seekers. It goes without saying that the Kennedy kid has alot more followers than my kids friends.

        • NYC Mommy – I get where you’re coming from re: the use of social media,hand-held devices and technology in general with kids these days — how did we ever manage back in the old days (80’s,90’s)? But I think your kids have different motivations than this dude (and probably smaller egoes).

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