Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy Jackson

Charlize Theron is now a mom!

A rep for the Academy Award-winning actress, 36, tells Us Weekly in a Wednesday statement: “Charlize Theron has adopted a child. She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson.”

No further information has been announced at this time. Jackson is the first child for Theron.

Congratulations to her!


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  1. Well didn’t see that one coming!! congrats to her! I do wonder if it was international or domestic. And it doesn’t matter one way or another just that it was kept so hush hush that’s hard to do these days!

    • It’s in the linked article: “According to a source close to the single Young Adult star, little Jackson was born in the United States, and is African-American.”

        • maybe its less a trend and more that people are becoming aware how much less likely a child is to be adopted if they are from a minority group

        • It’s a trend only because of the realities of adoption – unfortunately (for the children) there are many more black children available for adoption, and not enough black parents who want to adopt them. If a white parent holds out for a white child, it could take years. If they say they are open to any race, they will be able to find a child much sooner, and that child is much more likely to be black.

          • I have a friend who is African American and the mother of two adopted AA boys she’s had since one was a week old and the other 6mths old. She’s also been the foster mother in the past and is at present of white “infants” who are with her because “white” potential adoptee parents aren’t interested in because the children were born to parents with issues with drugs etc.

            is not the good old days when Polly Pure and Lilly White got knocked up and quietly sent away and came back to town as if they simply went on an extended visit with some Auntie no one ever heard of. There are PLENTY of white babies available. There is a shortage of “perfect” white babies.

            FYI and BTW

            There are plenty of African American parents whether married or single who have already adopted and are presently awaiting to do so.

        • I always suspected she would adopt after her comments on pregnant women and feeling like a whale. I also thought maybe she would adopt from souh africa from where she was born and raised. Thats the only reason l was curious. Cant wait to see him!

        • It’s not a trend. If you know anything about domestic adoption you’d know that the more open you are about race or special needs, the quicker you get a placement. Also, if you were an adoptive mother, you’d realize that most adoptive moms do not take it for granted. They are happy just to have the chance to be a mother, to any baby, no matter the race. Good on her. I love Charlize Theron. This just adds to my love of her.

        • Arnie Do You Hear your name it Definintely fits you ..Your name sounds like a old dirty hag ok stop being racist and stereotypical Charlie has a black baby Who Cares A Baby Is A Baby No Matter The Skin Tone ..You Shoud Be Happy Her And Other Celebs Are Adopting Unpriveled Kids !!STUPID ASS PEOPLE LIKE YOU GET ME MAD so Lame

  2. Wow. This is is at the same time a surprise and no surprise.

    Anyone who has followed Charlize’s past relationship and interviews knows that one day she would solve all the matters with her own hands. She wanted to be a mother but didn’t want to be in a commitment with someone else to do it so took one of the few paths a woman can become a mother without somebody else by her side.
    I don’t know if Charlize already took care or if she will take care of another matter. Who are the men she will pick to be good male figures in her son’s life?

    And adopting has being a trendy act in celebrity world for a long time, in special the adoption of children from ethnic minorities, well, I’m wrong, AA’s are nor a minority.

  3. wow congrats
    but why hollywood (US) allow people to adopt kid even they are single?
    i dont think this is a good thing, somethimes

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Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy Jackson!

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