Report: Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson’s Baby Name Revealed

Jessica Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson have already come up with a name for their little girl! A friend tells In Touch, “They’re going to call her Maxwell, Maxi for short.”

Maxwell is Eric’s middle name, and also his grandmother’s maiden name. The insider added, “Jessica wanted a name with meaning.”

Makes sense since the Fashion Star has been seen sporting a diamond “M” pendant in recent weeks. The magazine also reveals that the 31-year-old will be giving birth on April 20 – three weeks earlier than her original due date.

The friend says, “She’s gained so much weight and the baby is so big that doctors pushed up the date. Jessica and Eric are so eager to meet Maxwell!”

What do you think of the name?


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  1. Oh, the poor child. First she gets a boy’s name and then she is going to have other kids calling her Maxi Pad.

    From the sounds of this article, Jessica is having a c-section? And having a baby 3 weeks before the due date is not the best choice just because you ate too much crap and gained too much weight.

    • Although your comments are valid, I wouldn’t put too much stock in any information from a tabloid rag like “In Touch”. If a “friend” is divulging personal info like this to disreputable publications like this, then Jessica needs to find new friends.

  2. does anyone need help in figuring out what the kids on the playground are going to say about this poor kid’s name?

  3. Aw. Poor baby can’t make the choice of when to be born. That’s always sad. Just because she’s big doesn’t mean she can’t birth her when she is ready to meet the world.

  4. I hope this isn’t true as far as the name goes. But as far as the baby measuring big, if it is safer for her and the baby to come out 3 weeks early, then that is what they need to do. It sounds like it is more for safety and medical reasons then elective, and just because she is having the baby early does not mean its a c-section, they could be inducing her. And whos to say that baby won’t come early on it’s own anyway?

  5. for some reason Jessica stuck me as the kind of women who would name her kid after a city like Dallas or Malibu from the place they conceived the kid
    Jessica sisters has a awful name for her son too Bronx Mowgli
    so it runs in the family

    • Agree. The Bronx is a burnt out, crime ridden hell hole. I can’t imagine why anyone would call their child after such an unappealing place.

      • ok while Bronx isn’t exactly an ideal name for a kid, but seeing as I live IN the Bronx and it is not a burned out hell hole… try visiting and you’d see it’s not the Bronx of the 70’s and 80’s…. oh wait, no don’t visit, we don’t need donkeys like you here. As for her birthing 3 weeks early – it states since she has gained so much weight and the baby is so large they are having her early – assuming these are mothers making these comments – you all should know about gestational diabetes? I ate great with my first kid – but I gained 75 lbs during the pregnancy… it just happens sometimes – my son was born ( naturally) 4 weeks early, but there was talk of induction because of his size 3 days before I gave birth.

        • I’m pretty sure she gained so much weight because she ate “buttered poptarts” and “kraft macaroni and cheese.” These are the exact things she said she was eating.

          Some people do gain more weight even when eating healthy but considering she said she was giving into her cravings and eating this junk I think her weight was more from a plain old unhealthy diet.

      • this makes me wonder if you have ever put a foot in the Bronx…. been living in north Bronx for years and never had any problem (even when walking on my own at 3am… btw I’m a white girl)… you have some beautiful & interesting places here (Pelham bay park, Orchard beach, City Island, Wave hill, Bronx zoo, Botanical garden, the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage… Yankee stadium) and amazing people. Of course if you’re a gang member and try to play smart I guess would be a great idea to learn how to run fast…. Bronx is not what it used to be, not saying it’s the safest place on Earth but far from “a burnt out, crime ridden hole”, pretty sure Atlanta, Los Angeles & co have higher criminal rates.

  6. Although I don’t think the name is fantastic, it could be much much worse. Do kids even know what a maxi pad is anymore? I rarely hear that term anymore. Kids will be cruel and make jokes no matter what a child’s name is even if it is the most “non offending” name.

  7. What a dreadful name, it’s a boy’s name for starters and Maxi, as others said, is a sanitary towel! LMAO! Still, anything is better than Bronx Mowgli isn’t it? ANYTHING!

  8. I can hear the taunting already…I’m all for masculine girl names and especially love family names, but not to the detriment of my child!! They’re just asking for kids to be mean! Hope Jessica and Eric gave this alot of thought and that they’re not being “Carefree” that she’ll “Always” carry the name Maxi(pad) with her…

  9. We were thinking about naming our little boy due in May Maxwell…but I didn’t want people calling him Maxi…like Maxi pad! Maxi is much cuter on a girl though! I agree they should have went with Maxine….

  10. The very first thing that came into my mind was Maxi Pad. What a horrible name. I hope this is is not true. The kid will be hounded her whole life with a name like that.

  11. I don’t mind what she names her kid… Maxi is cute.

    But scheduling a c-section three weeks early due to size? Unless there is some serious eclampsia or gestational diabetes going on, they should wait until the baby is ready. It is very very rare that babies are too big to deliver naturally, and often doctors scare women into believing they have to get a c-section because the “baby won’t fit.” This is rubbish.

    I heard Jessica say that the doctor estimated her baby to be 10lbs a month before her due date… but it’s a guessing game how much babies weigh in the womb and doctors are notoriously guilty of overestimating the weight and doing an unnecessary c-section.

    I think many doctors, especially those dealing with celebrities, are very quick to do the c-section to avoid all liability. They don’t want to get sued if anything goes wrong so they cut women open to stay in control.

    • I don’t know about Jessica Simpson’s personal situation, but generally speaking, I agree with EVERYTHING you said!

    • Totally agree with you. I was huge, all belly, because I’m so short and my doctor tried to tell me my son was going to be too big. But I stood my ground and he came on his own unmedicated just before 41 weeks almost 10 lbs 23 inches. They try to scare us into thinking our bodies don’t work. But how do we know if we can’t even try.

  12. Maxwell is the name of the boy to me, I found it really ridiculous to put Eric’s middle name as the name of his daughter, and there are so many beautiful names that have meaning.

  13. I totally get naming your baby something with meaning but why not feminize it by calling her Maxine? If you intend to call her Maxi then just name her Maxi. Although that name is kind of wierd as my aunt and uncle had a dog named Maxie.
    It’s not horrible and they’re free to name her as they please but I just don’t like Maxwell for a girl, sorry!

    And wow not til mid/end april that girl is huge to go another 4 weeks!

  14. As a Maxine, I can assure everyone that they can relax about the Maxi-pad thing. Yes, I had a few snotty litte boys hoot “Maxi-pad” when I was growing up, but even then I could tell they didn’t know what they were talking about. Not the end of the world. Today, I get (mostly) Max, Maxi from hubby, etc. It’s all good. Just saying – there more legitimate reasons not to like the name.

  15. Don’t care for the name Maxwell or Maxi as I agree with others that people will call her Maxi Pad, Maxine is okay, but reminds me of the old funny lady Maxine from the Hallmark cards, LOL!

  16. There’s no way she doesn’t have either gestational diabetes or preeclampsia or both. THAT is why they’re delivering her three weeks early.

    • She is short and carrying a large baby. I looked just like her when I was pregnant and I didn’t have any health problems. Not all women carry the same.

  17. i absolutely love it because it is a family name. If they just chose Maxwell for a girl out of the blue then I would say it is cheesy but love when masculine family names are given to girls. Plus even though one thinks of Maxi Pad…Maxi is actually adorable!

  18. Hearing Maxwell, I immediately think of Mr. Sheffield from The Nanny. If they want to call her Maxi, why not name her Maxi or Maxine? Maxwell. Poor baby.

  19. wow…maxwell?! i have a friend with a 1 year old son named maxwell..he’s a boy so its cute…a GIRL named maxwell is NOT cute and calling her MAXI lol…poor child is gonna be made fun of..hey maxi pad! yup first thing that came into my mind when i read MAXI

  20. There are so many beatufiul names out there for girls. Why Maxwell? Poor girl! I’m so thankful my parents gave thoughtful consideration in giving me a wonderful name – Catherine.

  21. Maxwell isn’t too bad, i know a little girl called Max and it really suits her, and recently know of a friends daughter who called her baby boy Optimus. That is weird name.

  22. Maxi pad didn’t even occur to me when I read this name! Isn’t that what they called it in the 70s? I haven’t heard that term in years. To me, they were always just “pads”. My mom never called them “maxi pads.” I seriously think that she will get more picked more for being named Maxwell. Thats a boys name! Then again, she will be going to private schools with kids like Apple and Pilot, so we really should not think of her in a regular public school. She’ll be with kids with whom the majority have weird names! (I would have preferred Maci, though).

  23. She may need to be taken early due to high blood pressure or many other factors. Don’t go blaming Jessica or the doctors on this. Getting so tired of all the crunchy moms ganging up on every other mom out there. What if she has an incompetent pelvis and really can’t pass a baby of any size. She’s not my favorite celeb, just tired of some women blaming doctors for everything. Let her do as she pleases!

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