Julianna Margulies: Television Is “Very Dangerous” For Children

The Good Wife actress Julianna Margulies, 45, may be the star of a hit television series but that doesn’t mean she will be allowing her 4-year-old son Kieran to become a fan of watching television any time soon.

The former ER star does her best to limit her little guy’s time in front of the magical box, claiming that “television for little children is very dangerous because they become almost like robots.”

“During the week he’s not allowed [to watch TV] and on weekends he’s allowed one hour Saturday mornings and one hour Sunday mornings,” Julianna explains during an appearance on Anderson airing Wednesday.

And it seems her diligence may be paying off!

“He loves books and he loves reading and he loves words,” she admits.

Although the actress feels strongly about too much TV, she also doesn’t want her son to be in the dark about interests of his peer group, claiming that a healthy “balance” is important for the child’s sake.

“I want him to be exposed to some of it because I don’t want him to be the one kid in the class who doesn’t know what everyone is talking about,” she reveals. “Because that was me and I felt very deprived.”

Julianna also admits that balancing her busy work schedule with her motherhood duties is extremely challenging.

“I am constantly struggling with balancing my family life and my work life and trying to figure out when on earth I can ever get to the gym in between,” she shares.“It’s a great problem to have and I’m exhausted, but after experiencing ER for six years, I know this is short-lived. I’m trying to enjoy everything I can.”

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