Soccer Star Brandi Chastain On Life Lessons, Laundry Stains, Proud Parent Moments

Brandi Chastain is a professional American soccer defender and midfielder who plays for the team California Storm of Women’s Premier Soccer League and is a former member of the United States women’s national soccer team. She is best known for her game-winning penalty shootout kick against China in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup final and her bra-baring celebration afterwards.

Brandi is no stranger to stains. The World Cup champion is teaming up with Electrolux on Facebook for the Kicking and Cleaning campaign where fans can share their ‘Proud Parent Moments.’ The mom-of-two opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her own proud moments with sons Cameron, 23, and Jaden, 5, her best laundry tips and the London Summer Olympics.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Electrolux to celebrate their new washers and dryers. As a mom-of-two, you surely know a thing or two about laundry and the importance of reliable appliances?!

BC: “As an athlete myself, I get sweaty and dirty everyday. I not only have my kids’ laundry to worry about, I have my own. As active parents and moms know, it is important for us to be as active as our kids, which means I have an extra amount of laundry that I have to get to.

To pair with Electrolux and the Kicking and Cleaning campaign is important to me for a couple of reasons. Number one, I always like to do my best, and Electrolux has the cleanest laundry out there. They produce the whitest whites and the most vibrant colors. When I am sending my kids out on the field, or when I am going out on the field, I want to intimidate the other team with how good I look. I want to bedazzle them with my skill, but if you can send your team out there looking good, it gives them an extra boost of confidence.

Electrolux is on Facebook doing a campaign where fans can share their ‘Proud Parent Moment.’ I can talk about my kids all day and share many moments where I loved the things they’ve done. At the same time, when parents share their moment, they will make a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. If you can do something as simple as share a moment, and it benefits people by helping them with their health, it is a no-brainer to me. I am thrilled to be here, play some soccer with the kids, have some fun, and, at the same time, share a very positive message.”

CBS: What are some of your best laundry tips? Anything from not letting it pile up so much, to getting the worst-of-the-worst stains out.

BC: “I get sweaty, I get dirty—I actually have a picture of myself as a young kid head to-toe mud! I was one of the kids that wanted to find the mud puddle right away. I still do as an adult; I am not afraid to get dirty. My tip is to get that laundry into the wash as soon as you can. If you let it sit around, especially soccer jerseys and any sports uniform, it can smell pretty bad [laughs]! You don’t want that to exist in your jersey post-wash.

The good thing about the Electrolux System is that it is the cleanest wash out there. I know my uniforms are going to get clean and be the whitest of the whites and the most vibrant colors. I think my best tip is to get it into the laundry as soon as you can, and don’t let wet clothes sit on top of one another. I’ve done that, and it is not a good deal [laughs]!”

CBS: Tell us about your two boys. What are their names and ages? Do they get along well?

BC: “I have two boys. One is 23-years-old. His name is Cameron and he goes to law school. I also have a five-and-two-thirds-year-old named Jaden. He wouldn’t like it if I said five-year-old [laughs]. He is in kindergarten, and like I shared earlier with some folks, my ‘Proud Parent Moment’ is when I see them together and the big one is taking the time and being patient with the young one. The look in my five-year-old’s eyes when he looks at his big brother, whether they are out in the backyard playing soccer or baseball, and seeing them hug is very special to me. It is wonderful to see them together.”

CBS: How did your Olympic training and experiences prepare you for motherhood?

BC: “I think the greatest lessons I’ve learned for life came from soccer. I’ve had my ups and downs – I’ve been injured, I’ve been off the field, I’ve been cut from teams. I’ve really learned from perspective that in every moment that you have to work your hardest, you have to get yourself in the right frame of mind and mental state in terms of teamwork. Not one player can win or lose a game. Everybody matters, whether you are playing 90 minutes, whether you only get five minutes, or whether you get no minutes. Everyone contributes to the success of a team.

I also think being organized is truly something that I am still working on. As moms, we juggle many things. We have not only our business lives, but also our health to take care of. We also take care of other people in our lives: our kids, our extended families, our extended community. I think we carry a lot of weight on our shoulders, and the best way to do that is to be as organized as you possibly can. You also have to be as efficient as you can. I think that is why pairing up with Electrolux is so important to me. Not only do things get cleaned and look great after they are washed and dried, but also this can be done in a timely manner.

They also have a system where I can wash all of the stuffed animals and stuffed soccer balls around my house! Electrolux not only cleans them, but it also sanitizes them, which is huge! Electrolux is a wonderful match-up for me, and I am very proud to be sharing the message.”

CBS: Have you ever wanted to try for a girl? Maybe you have a special announcement for us?

BC: “I asked my husband about that a little while ago, and he was like, ‘No, no, no, we have two, we are very happy and blessed with the two healthy boys that we have.’ I get enough girls; my husband coaches collegiate women’s soccer at Santa Clara University, and I am on the field with thirty women everyday. They are like our adopted kids [laughs]. We take care of thirty women everyday, and that’s enough, believe me [laughs].”

CBS: Will you be attending the Olympics in London this summer? Who are you rooting for? What are your favorite summer Olympic sports?

BC: “I will be doing the commentary for NBC for the Olympics. Right now they are determining if we will do that from London or from New York City like we did for Beijing four years ago. I will somehow be involved in the Olympic Games this late summer, whether it’s there in London or not, I am not sure yet.

In regard to the team I am rooting for, come on! Are you kidding me?! [laughs] As a fan, I am rooting for the U.S., of course. As a professional in broadcasting, I am just hoping for a really good Olympics. Last summer for the World Cup, every single game was competitive. Every game had an impact on who finished in the groups and who made it to the knockout round. I am looking for a great tournament with a lot of skill and athleticism. I think the key match-ups will be anyone that plays Japan, because right now they are playing the best soccer that anyone’s seen in the world. It is a call to action for the U.S. women’s national team.

In regard to my favorite summer Olympic sports, soccer has to be my favorite summer Olympic sport, but I really love them all! I have been to three summer Olympic Games myself, and I think the spirit of the Olympics is so captivating. I remember how I felt when I watched the Olympics as a young girl… just thinking about how amazing it was to wave your flag, sing the national anthem, and the kind of spirit that goes along with the ideals of Olympism.

I have been an Olympic Ambassador for the last 8 years, and I love sharing the message with each and every Olympian going to the Olympics that there is a great responsibility not only on your respective playing field that goes along with representing your country. You have to do that with great pride, great respect, and great honor. No sport to me is more important than the other. I love watching them all—whether it is rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, track and field, they are all special and unique. These are the best athletes participating at the most elite level, so it is quite fascinating.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

BC: “I am going to be kicking some soccer balls with the kids here at Chelsea Piers with Kelly Ripa. We are going to be kicking and cleaning and showing moms and dads out there how they can take care of their kids’ uniforms so they can look the best out on the field and play the best.

Just to remind all your viewers out there, for more information they can go to Share your ‘Proud Parent Moment,’ thank you!”

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