Is Bobbi Kristina Dating Her ‘Brother’?

Is Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, dating her ‘brother’ Nick Gordon? Several media outlets are claiming it’s true, with RadarOnline offering up photos on their site – showing Bobbi K and Nick holding hands and embracing – as proof.

But it’s not quite as salacious as it seems – the two aren’t actually siblings. Nick, 22, was taken in by Whitney nearly 10 years ago and only those in the singer’s inner circle knew about her ‘secret son.’ Despite the fact that Whitney treated Nick as one of her own, she never officially adopted him.

And what does Nick have to say about this? Well it depends who you talk to.

“We’re just close,” he told about his relationship with Bobbi Kristina,19. “Just going through her mom’s passing and grieving together.”

But Nick told a different story on Twitter, writing, “Yeah we got a little closer and what!!!”

As for those photos, Bobbi appears to be wearing a sizable diamond ring on her left hand, adding fuel to one tabloid’s claims that the two are actually engaged.

“Nick proposed to Krissy on March 10, and she said yes,” a family friend reportedly told Star. “Krissy said Nick is the only person she trusts in the world. They have a very deep connection.”

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