La La Vasquez & Kiyan’s Superhero Stroll

La La Vasquez and her 5-year old son, Kiyan, were spotted walking to Serendipity in New York City on Wednesday (March 14) to grab some ice cream.

After the treat, Kiyan’s interest was piqued as the pair strolled down the street past a store window dressed with superhero paraphernalia. The former VJ was led down to the store entrance by the tot.

The reality TV star’s hubby – New York Knicks basketball star, Carmelo Anthony – has been rumoured to be wanting a trade out of the big city. The Knicks have been on a 6-game losing skid.

“No, no, no, no. Let’s nip this in the bud right now. No,” the baller said after the morning practice. “I don’t know where [the trade rumour] came from. I’m tired of hearing it. It came out this morning from I guess an anonymous source. I’m tired of anonymous sources. I don’t want to be traded. I don’t know where that foolishness came from, so let’s put a cap on that and make this the last time I hear about that.”

His wife defended the rumour denial on Twitter. “Don’t believe it. He loves this city and the team. Believe that!”


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