Giuliana & Bill Rancic: Vacation Baby-Making

E! host Giuliana Rancic and her former Apprentice winner husband, Bill Rancic, have had an emotional year. Having been open about their fertility and health issues on their reality TV show, Giuliana & Bill, the pair have decided to let the public in on their private struggles.

Earlier this year, the double mastectomy survivor chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop and shared, “We have not given up our desire to have children. For now we are really just looking forward to the rest of 2012!” Almost a month later, have things changed?

The 37-year old and her hubby revealed to Glamour magazine some of the intimate details of their journey towards health and a growing family.

As Giuliana’s recovery began, some challenges kept appearing. The ability to even walk around the hospital floor was daunting. “As a husband and as a man, you wish you could trade places with your wife, but you can’t, and it sucks,” Bill shared. “I of course had my moments. But you know, you’ve got to be strong; I would never break down in front of her.”

Giuliana added, “He always kept a very strong front. There were a couple of people who said to me during the process, “It’s hard for the husband too. Just make sure you check in with him every once in a while.” I would ask Bill, “Are you OK?” and he would say, “Honey, don’t ever ask me that question. Don’t ever even worry an ounce about it.”

Having that support system there day in and day out has helped speed up the recovery process.

When asked was coming up for the couple, the celebrity news personality was quick to respond.

“We actually just met with our fertility doctor, and we’re looking at all of our options for having kids. We’re waiting to get the green light that I can get pregnant, but if for some reason I can’t carry children myself, then we’re open to surrogacy; we’re open to adoption.”

Bill added, “We’re going to do fun things this year. I told Giuliana, “We’re going to make sure every vacation day you have at E! is used.”

“We’ll get a couple of margaritas in us and go crazy,” she said with excitement. “People say that’s how it happens—vacation and booze. Mix the two and you have a baby! I think in five years we’ll have two boys and two girls.”

To continue reading Giuliana and Bill’s interview, go to Glamour.

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  1. “Honey, don’t ever ask me that question. Don’t ever even worry an ounce about it.”

    Being honest about your emotions during something like that is so important. Being in denial about the toll it’s taking or trying to always “be strong” can only hurt.

  2. I wish they would be more privet about it every time they change their mind about having a baby the run to the media to tell the world and then talk about the same thing on their show and twitter. Why not wait until after they made up their minds of what they’re going to do than announce their dissension.

  3. I wish I had had a wonderful, loving and supportive husband like Bill. I don’t think it’s being in denial to want to ease the burdon of your wife while she’s dealing with recovery from surgery. The mere fact that they feel well enough to be excited about the prospect parenthood again is a sign that they’ve managed to pull through the worst of their ordeal. Cudos to both of them! I hope they someday get their little bundle of joy.

  4. “…wait until after they made their minds up…” It is clear you do not know ANYTHING about being infertile! Every morning you wake up wanting a baby you feel different! It’s a constant battle in your heart: should we adopt, should we go for ANOTHER IVF, should we just accept we won’t have a baby. Everyday you make up your mind, and the next morning you wake up and the questions in your head starts circling again…

  5. I think that takes a lot of courage to still want children. I had two close friends die from breast cancer. Not right away. Both were fortunate they had a child each. Both had lived 12 years with this disease. I would not personally want to see my children left much later in life for the sake of having them. There are so many humanitarian things you can still do in life. However.. with her husband’s sperm.. they can reach out to a surrogate if this is what they feel is the right thing for them to do and when is up to them. At least.. with surrogacy that will create an extended family and deep bond with another woman/human being who is carrying her husband’s sperm and their child. I read she said she thought once about going to Italy for an adoption. Perhaps she can find a surrogate there to carry her child which is still an option. I also knew of a woman who had breast cancer and had a child. The cancer came back due to the hormones. Its never gone forever. My friend is an RN and she said this to me. I hope it all works out for them. Bill is an amazing man.

  6. Bill & Guilliana from South Africa I wish all the best and hope that the dear Lord will give you the change of having a baby to fill your lifes. I also had 2 dear friends who I lost due to breast cancer and both of them had one child each who filled their lives. Just believe in Him and all will be ok as He knows the best for us. I am a huge fan of you 2

  7. I like watching your episode they are funny and educative.There are only few men who are as caring as Bill.I hope he remains like that and not be like them evils who dont have any sense of humanity.The Al mighty is the greatest.Dont drink alcohol and dont smoke.Best of luck.

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