Jessica Simpson Bumps Up Beverly Hills

Fashion Star mentor Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson were seen in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday night (March 16). The mom-to-be needed a little help getting out of the SUV before heading into Mr. Chow for dinner.

On Monday, the blonde beauty commented on her size. “No it’s not twins, I know it looks like it,” she said, adding the baby is not due “quite yet, we have some time.”

The following day, Jess talked pregnancy sex with Ryan Seacrest.

Yes, I am definitely feeling intimate — I’m kind of unstoppable at the moment!,” she said. “The big O is like the biggest O ever,” she revealed, adding that Eric is not complaining about her desires. “He’s always ready.”

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  1. When is she due? there is no way she could possibly be due in May. I’m guessing niddle or late April at the latest.

    • She’s due May 11, but they are inducing her 3 weeks early on April 20. That is, if she doesn’t go into preterm labor.

  2. i am so curious to know the weight of this baby when he/she is born lol.
    I agree with Shirelle there is no way this baby is due in May.

  3. Wow she is so huge! She must be so miserable. Her stomach is about the same size that my sister’s was when she was full term with her twins!

  4. I think she’s just eating wayyyyy too much. My 2nd daughter was almost 11 lbs and I didn’t look THAT pregnant.

  5. Jessica looks great, i’m sure shes miserable at this point in pregnancy but who’s to say shes gained too much weight?! All women are different.. just wishing her a safe, healthy baby and easy delivery 🙂

    • She actually said that she went from around 110 to 170 and that weight was when she shot the cover of the magazine in the nude. I wouldn’t doubt if she is over 200 pounds now. She gained way too much weight. Compare a pic side by side of before she got pregnant and now and she gained weight all over her body.

  6. There has to be a second baby hiding in there. I’ve never seen someone look that pregnant with only one baby in their stomach.

  7. This is why Im happy to be a tall woman, short women have the crappy end of the stick when it comes to pregnancy cause they get so dang big! she looks ready to give birth now!

    • My mother is 5’2″, gained about 14 lbs, just got a big belly and didn’t gain any extra weight on her body. Actually I know a lot of small people who didn’t get very big when pregnant. So I guess (and hope – I’m small, too) that’s not true!

      • I’m 5’1, maybe 5’2 on a good day. With my irst I went rom 128 to a whopping 170 (so +42 lbs), but with the one I’m currently cooking, I’ve only gained 21 pounds (130 to 151) and I’ll be 41 weeks tomorrow!! So tiny or tall, it often just depends on the pregnancy itself. With my first, I was a MASSIVE HOUSE like Jessica. This one, I could probably pass for 25 weeks.

  8. She is pretty short to boot but I agree with the PP, she has gained waaaaay too much weight. Good luck getting all that off!

  9. I know someone pregnant with twins and she doesn’t look nearly this big and she’s due in a week! I know our bodies are different but holy cow! Jessica’s got a hugeeeeeee belly.

  10. Look up some photos of Naomi Watts when she was pregnant, she was huge and did not have triplets or overweight babies. Some people just get bigger than others.

  11. She confirmed her pregnancy in October and she was already showing, so I also don’t think that she is due in May…

  12. She is due in May? Wow, she looks like me, right before I had my twins…and they were born three weeks before my due date (and I am about her height too, and gained 70 lbs, I went from 98 lbs to about 170lbs). I am wondering if its going to be a surprise–a set of twins?!?!

  13. Honestly, She looks disgusting. What did she do, eat cheetos all thru the pregnancy. It really does look like she’s having twins or Triplets. Looks like she ate just snack food throughout the past 8-9 months…

  14. Honestly, She looks disgusting. What did she do, eat cheetos all thru the pregnancy. It really does look like she’s having twins or Triplets. Looks like she ate just snack food throughout the past 8-9 months…

  15. GD could explain the massive wieght gain.It does seem like she’s been prego forever.Kate Hudson was pretty big when she had her first baby too.

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