Kris Jenner Shares Bare Baby Bump Pic

Whoa, baby!

In honor of her son Rob Kardashian‘s 25th birthday, his mom Kris Jenner took a walk down memory lane and posted this pregnant pic of herself on her blog yesterday.

“Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful, handsome son, Rob!!” Kris wrote. “Rob, you are the best son a mother could ask for and you make me proud every day. I love you so much!!”

Rob’s sister Kourtney Kardashian also posted a few family pics, including a couple of her brother and her 2-year-old son Mason: “Sending lots of love to my baby brother Rob today on his 25th birthday!! Rob, I am so proud of the man you have become. Here’s to an amazing 25th birthday… I love you so much!” she gushed.

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  1. I am sure he will be ever so proud to have this pic of him in uteruo ON THE INTERNET! It is a very lovely memory to have..but it is meant to be between Mother and Child. I think Kris needs some mental be so narcissistic she makes her children suffer-she’s got major issues!

    • I agree with the anonymous comment. This site likes to shock unsuspecting viewers by posting unattractive photos of pregnet chicka!

    • aNONYMOUS……lol!!! nOW i WILL HAVE A NIGHTMARE TONITE ABOUT HER BEING MY MOTHER. At least my Mom, not only respects herself more, ut, my Mom akso RESPECTS her daughter!!!

  2. She just cannot handle NOT being the center of attention, and it seems that she wanted to show that SHE did this first before Demi and Jessica. I am so sick and tired of this family, or mainly the mother and Kim. For some reason Kourtney and Khloe are not at annoying or obnoxious. But I really wish we never knew who a Kardashian was except the attorney father from OJ trial.

  3. UUugggggggggggg this fameHO
    way to make it about herself.
    seriously babyscoop LIMIT your photos on this family.

  4. I try to look at every story posted on this website with an open-mind, but Kris Jenner needs to go somewhere and take a seat. She has not been pregnant for over like 15 years or so. I find it so embarrassing for Robert to have this photo blasted all over the internet. What was she thinking? Next she will be posting a video of she and poor Bruce having sex. Ugh…I just wish that she would live a more classier lifestyle. Yes she is rich and has brought her family much wealth, but she is really making herself look bad.
    P.S…this photo is not cute..sorry!

    • I thought it was more diaper than granny panty myself! : p
      I would be mortified if my mother posted this, my brother (being a guy, obviously) would be doubly mortified. How about posting a newborn photo of Rob instead of a preggo photo of yourself, Kris?! It’s his BIRTHday, not the anniversary of your giant preggo self.

  5. She looks like she has a diaper on!I would die if my mother ever had a picture like this let alone put it on the internet for the world to see!

  6. How sad the family all thought Rob was a delayed loser until he appeared on Dancing W/ the Stars. Now they’re all so proud of him. This poor guy doesn’t stand a chance until he stands on his own like a man and acts like one independent of his mother and sisters.

  7. I agree what was the point in posting this old washed up photo……for attention. The whole family annoys me.

    • great observation, Helen Keller! This explains a lot about her daughter, Kum’s behavior, malignant narcissistic behavior & the belief that the world is interested in their bodies, lack of mind, entitelement to treat anyone in any horrible manner they choose. She is 1 sick Bit$ch, as is Kum.

  8. And, looks, ladies and gentleman….. Its a giant….. DIAPER!!!!!!! Congrats Kris on having Korn on the Kob, and getting pregnant with Rob. Thumbs up!

  9. AHHHHH! I CANNOT STAND THIS WOMAN or HER WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This world has a lot of important news and they are NOT it!!

  10. This entire family is really lacking morales. They have no filters on what they say or do. I am so sick of them being everywhere and will celebrate when that so called “reality” show ends. Kim is in love with being in love but seems to lack the ability to feel real emotions. She needs to diet and wash her greasy face. And what a “mother” Kris is. And them using the term “Bible” as proof of truth coming from their mouths is a joke. Do they even own one? Trashy classless boring people. I hate their voices.

  11. Kris and Kim are the same ..need mad attention whether negative or positive. Indeed Narcissistic As for Kris..she is a very complicated Scorpio..then again they all are.
    I’m sure she will cheat on Bruce at some point. The :Girl needs sex and attention. Hopefully she will grow out of her child like behavioral needs and become a real woman. At times she does appear to have good traits..but only after one of her children put it in perspective for her. Hmmm.

    • It’s one thing to pose and publish when you are expecting and not given birth yet. It’s another to do it when your son is 25, how gross. Poor guy, how humiliating. She is truly off her rocker. She and Kim truly trash. As for good traits, name one.

  12. Kim – needs a “wide load” sign on her rear end.
    Kourtney – the little sour faced one
    Khloe – big, ugly one
    Rob – Duh!
    The teens – don’t know. They always have phones in their faces
    Bruce – weird guy with earrings
    Kris – Will do anything to get noticed
    Whole bunch – dysfunctional family

    • I so agree with mobilebay! What an odd group of people, but they are laughing all the way to the bank. Sad how some people earn a living. So true that the mom would do anything for money. Also, the use of the “F” word so often seems so hypocritical when they talk about God.

  13. Kris: It’s Rob’s birthday today! I should tweet a picture of him. -looks through pictures- No wait! I should tweet this picture of myself pregnant with him. Or was I pregnant with Kim in this picture? Whatever, we can pretend I was pregnant with Rob the public is so stupid… Yea! It’s technically a baby picture of him, except you only see myself pregnant with Rob… possibly. Yup… much better! Alright, this will do. So, wait Rob is turning 24 right? Man is this going to get a lot of publicity! Would it make me look bad if I call Kim to ask how old Rob’s turning? Yes, fine, Kris don’t do it, you’ll look bad just guestimate. Types: “Happy 23rd…” -backspace- “Happy 24th?” -backspace- “Happy Birthday to my favorite son, Rob.” I’m so smooth I love me.

  14. Such a big slack woman. Why would anyone would want to put such a pictire on the internet. Not funny at all. Just go to hell woman. And just take a side. You are a big embarrastment.

  15. There is something seriously wrong with these people. There preoccupation with the self-, being nude and narcissic character belays a troubled soul and dangerous person to be around.

    Funny how these freak back Obama and tell us how wrong we are to live and worship the way we do – in fact they are the problem children that has infected our society with immorality, gay rights, drugs and protection of illegals…when will we take back our country from Hollywood and the abyss of Obama’s secret agenda?

  16. it is sad!! no wonder Rob is so lost and confused about his life she only thinks of herself and kim and herself. she seems to neglect the men in her life son& bruce Whats next selling her used depends on ebay?

  17. Oh give me a break. It was in honor of her son’s birthday to share when she was pregnant with him. How awful.

    If you don’t like the family then why waste your time reading and commenting on articles about them??? When it comes to fame all attention is good attention. Keep making them money people. The boycott is going well. LOL.


  19. I agree with all of you except making them disappear in a tragic accident…I don’t believe in wishing something deadly on anyone…..but glad to know you recognize bad behaviors and low integrity can measure up to wasted lives.

  20. Please put a disclaimer above this article which says DO NOT LOOK IF YOU HAVE A FULL STOMACH, AS YOU WILL PROBABLY LOSE YOUR LUNCH.

  21. You all are stupid.
    Just because she’s famous you have to bash on her.
    I bet if nobody knew who she was, you’d say this is an adorable photo.
    She’s not making this all about her, he is just remembering being preggo with him.
    I’m sure some of you showed your kids your pregnancy photos on their birthday saying “This was you inside me 20 years ago…. blah blah blah.”
    Stop being so hypocritical and evil.
    She has done nothing to you, so shush.

  22. How awful for that ugly witch even do that, I can’t stand any of those freaks. They really have no pride an respect for themselves. Barf!! mother like daughters!!!
    what a waste of earth’s oxygen.

  23. OMG! ….OF COURSE a picture of KRIS…! Self absorbed Bio**! I think any normal Mother would have put a pretty baby picture on there?… I hate to break the news to ya Kris….BUT…that 10% you are getting from your pimped out kids will be coming to an end….. bye!

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